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An egg saved is an egg earned

August 16, 2019 By KRISTI COOK GRIT Magazine When my family started our first tiny flock of laying hens several years ago, I quickly learned the meaning of “feast or famine. more »»

Old-fashioned southern cakes

August 12, 2019 By MOLLIE COX BRYAN GRIT Magazine While it’s enjoyed all over the world, cake is heartily embraced by Southerners, who, of course, have added unique and delicious twists to the historical glory of... more »»

Historical honey mead

August 6, 2019 By SUSAN VERBERG GRIT Magazine Mead has been a passion of mine ever since my husband and I started our homestead in the beautiful rolling hills of New York’s Finger Lakes region. more »»

Homemade jerky for any taste

July 26, 2019 By SHIRLEY SPLITTSTOESSER GRIT Magazine Jerky — meat that has been dried to a very low moisture content and usually does not require refrigeration — is a favorite food for many Americans. more »»

Harnessing horseradish

July 22, 2019 By JASON HERBERT GRIT Magazine I should have known something was a bit fishy. “Come on in! Have a taste. more »»

Blue-ribbon baked beans

July 16, 2019 By ANDREW WEIDMAN GRIT Magazine Some dishes are seasonal, like cool salads and sandwiches during summer and warm, hearty roasts and casseroles for winter. more »»

Freshly picked

July 8, 2019 By Allison Sarkesian GRIT Magazine I’ve been a warm-weather person for as long as I can remembe. more »»

Pick a basket of picnic favorites

June 28, 2019 By JEAN TELLER GRIT Magazine Early summer brings warmer temperatures, vacations, family get-togethers, church potlucks, camping trips, and picnic plans, among other pastimes. more »»

You say tomato

June 25, 2019 By LAWRENCE DAVIS- HOLLANDER GRIT Magazine In one brief foray, it is impossible to completely capture the variety of beautiful forms and flavors that the heirloom tomato has to offer. more »»

Pick a peck of pasta salads

June 18, 2019 By NATALIA K. GOULD GRIT Magazine One of summer’s many gifts is the freedom to prepare simpler, lighter meals using ingredients from right outside your back door. more »»

Pass the sauce

June 7, 2019 By KAREN K. WILL GRIT Magazine Foodies and nutritionists often advise us to shop only the perimeter of the grocery store. more »»

Beautiful bowls

June 3, 2019 By KAREN K. WILL GRIT Magazine When we think of one-bowl suppers or meals, it’s usually a starch like pasta, rice, or mashed potatoes as the base, topped with a melange of meat and vegetables. more »»

Slice of summer

May 28, 2019 By ANDREW WEIDMAN GRIT Magazine Summer just wouldn’t be the same without picnics and cooking outdoors. more »»

The chocolate lover’s garden

May 20, 2019 By KATHIE N. LAPCEVIC GRIT Magazine Garden-fresh fruit and vegetables are delicious on their own and even mixed together in traditional ways. more »»

Tulips...for lunch?

May 13, 2019 By BIZ REYNOLDS GRIT MAGAZINE Starving for that delicious-looking appetizer, you reach for those crispy little nuggets of deep-fried mushrooms, but … What the hay? Golden and delectable, those... more »»

Culinary Tour savors Iowa’s farming, food heritage

April 26, 2019 By DARCY DOUGHERTY MAULSBY DES MOINES — There’s no denying that much of Des Moines’ dynamic, diverse culinary scene is rooted in the farming heritage that defines Iowa. more »»

Find the right brew for you

April 18, 2019 By CAROL J. ALEXANDER GRIT Magazine Coffee is personal. Raising the topic in a crowd —whether how to brew it or how to drink it—starts discussion rivaling religion and politics in enthusiasm. more »»

Cooking with spears of green

April 12, 2019 By LAURA CARLSON laura@carlsonwrites. more »»

Cooking with spears of green

April 12, 2019 By LAURA CARLSON laura@carlsonwrites. more »»

Grow healthy, delicious blueberries

March 28, 2019 By CINDY MURPHY GRIT Magazine Henry David Thoreau wrote of the blueberry, “They ripen first on the tops of hills, before they who walk in the valleys suspect it. more »»



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