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Letters from readers

August 10, 2018
Farm News

To the editor:

I for one could not help but notice that an opinionist in the July 20th Farm News admitted on two different occasions that his advice was "not worth much" as he berated the Farm News and two of its columnists, Alan Guebert and David Kruse, aka "Frick and Frack."

I personally respect these men very much for their factual, intelligent comments even if it does end up slamming our current president or any other president. After all we are each under the thumb of our current nation's leader and he too must be held accountable. To say that honest criticism makes you a hater is not true, even if you do not hate the actions. We all know that President Obama went through the same.

As far as the current trade war fiasco goes, I too agree that the final score is not in, but the first few innings look pretty costly from this farm household.

But, there is more to the story when defending Trump. As a very good friend of mine recently aired in "The Pulse of Omaha" publication, Donald Trump has other issues we cannot be so biased as to overlook.

He has backed away from understanding history. He has still not divested personal businesses unlawful to his position or revealed full tax information that would probably explain it all. He has backed away from civil rights, free press, health care and negotiated treaties. He has backed away from public education, clean water and clean air, laborers and farmers, fair tax reform, immigration and protecting our election. And, he has cozied up to our enemies and alienated most of our allies.

Lastly, he has made it clear, he has never felt the need to ask God for forgiveness. That's quite a statement!

The 10 Commandments also make it pretty clear, that adultry and lying require some.

Keep up the good work Farm News and your writers Alan and David.

Don Wagner

Bode, Iowa



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