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Less government, more freedom

By Staff | May 1, 2009

To the editor,

In a time where it is becoming more obvious that every time government intervenes we get poorer, David Kruse still doesn’t get it. He thinks the choice is: which intervention will work?, while the real question is will any intervention work?

Lately, Clayton Rye has mentioned government intervention in a negative light. This is very refreshing, since Mr. Rye farms near an ethanol plant and enjoys the benefits of government control of the fuel business. Mr. Kruse is starting to recognize the downside of big government when he talks of liberal ag agendas and “foodies.”

We should be careful when we give government the power to direct markets, because new leaders may not be as friendly to our own agenda. If we demand no involvement by government in markets, each sector will be controlled by real supply and demand. Who is in charge won’t matter.

Scarce resources will be allocated to their most economical purpose. We will all prosper in honest endeavor instead of through the theft of subsidies and mandates.

When these guys see that their pet projects are no more deserving of the use of force than the projects they don’t directly benefit from, they will be on their way to really make a positive difference.

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