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A downright lie

By Staff | Apr 23, 2010

To the editor,

What’s the difference between a letter to the editor and a guest column? The March 26 guest column of Brad Wilson, from the National Family Farm Coalition, answers this question nothing. As a letter to the editor I can say anything I want regardless of veracity. I can lie. I can mislead. I can tell a half-lie.

Wilson refers to the old-fashioned downright lie: ” organic farming will come to dominate agriculture, as it uses much less fuel. It also sequesters far more carbon as Rodale Institute research has shown.” The Rodale Institute has one agenda – organic production of our food supply and will use anything, including flawed research to promote “rich man’s” organic food.

One widely distributed research paper from one “scientist” showed organic farming increased soil carbon, while no-till farming showed a decrease. Logic would dictate the opposite, since organic burns more fossil fuel doing numerous tillage passes, which breaks down soil organic matter, releasing CO2.

How did he arrive at this conclusion? He simply added large amounts of manure to the organic plots and none to the no-till plots.

Let’s be frank. Anyone truly interested in sustainability, conservation of natural resources, food safety and alleviating world hunger cannot support organic.

I congratulate David Kruse on his March 12 “Organic illusions” column. I criticize Kruse when I think he is wrong, and it’s only fair to send kudos his way when he is right.

I agree with Fritz Groszkruger’s March 26 letter opposing organic, but I disagree with his statement “organic agriculture is not being rammed down our throats, yet.”

USDA has set aside $50 million in the Environmental Quality Incentive Program for organic initiatives, organic gardens were established at USDA by Ag Secretary Tom Vilsack, and on the White House lawn Michelle Obama planted an organic garden, and the two women czars appointed to run USDA are organic enthusiasts.

Is there any doubt this bunch of thugs will, indeed, ram it down our throats? Passing health care despite overwhelming opposition from our citizens makes forcing organic production a piece of cake.

Is it true that Obama’s organic garden didn’t work? Rumor has it that the produce from her garden was deemed inedible and destroyed.

I haven’t been able to find out for sure, but I’m guessing it’s true because I haven’t seen pictures of Obama feeding starving children and the homeless vegetables from her organic garden.

Jerry Crew


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