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By Staff | Sep 3, 2010

To the editor;

Periodically, my two favorite columnists have to be called to repudiate some stupid or incorrect statements in their their columns.

Alan Guebert’s latest column tries to equate producer groups promoting their products to the public with cookouts to the U.S. Department of Agricuture’s latest boondoggle, the $65 million “Know Your Farmer, Know Your Food” program.

It sounds good, but the reality is that this is a program to promote organic farming. Organic caters to the affluent, elitist consumer, who is clueless about the negative impact organic farming has on the environment.

Guebert is simply a misguided environmentalist. Modern planting breeding techniques, which allow us to farm without tillage, are prohibited by organic. He should know that no-till saves time, fuel and topsoil making it the most sustainable system; but I suspect his biases and political correctness clouds his vision.

David Kruse simply has to let go of his dislike of Congressman Steve King. Kruse is acting like a petulant child, because he sees King as not supportive of renewable fuels. Kruse knows that isn’t true. Hois complaint is that King spends too much time trying to repeal Obamacare.

If government-run health care becomes a reality, we won’t be concerned about ethanol.

The truth is, Kruse is trying to make us forget that he personally campaigned for Obama. We non-believers knew he would be a disaster, but the reality is worse than even we expected.

I suspect that when Kruse looks in the mirror, he must wonder, “Why?”

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