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By Staff | Dec 17, 2010

This is a world of new and used. I am a person who prefers used. Most anything that I own was owned by someone before me, because it offers a better value for my money. I even believe eating leftovers is a treat.

There are some things that I do not want to have pre- used such as Kleenex. I would not buy used motor oil either.

The reason I bring this up is that when writing something each week I try to find some new subject and not recycle some previous work.

We avoid reruns on television and want what we read to be as fresh as the fruit on our table.

I have a found a few subjects that I feel I can repeat because of the time of year and yes, it is that time of year for this subject.

I have done this I believe for the past two years and I would be remiss if I did not do this again this year.

Getting to my point, I want to say thank you for the gift of your time to read my words each week.

Being allowed to enter a person’s mind for a few minutes and mingling with their thoughts is sacred ground.

I believe that is almost a quote from a year ago and it remains true. It is a privilege that someone would believe my words were worthy of consideration.

Occasionally, I will get a letter or e-mail from a reader wanting to comment on something I wrote.

I value those letters greatly. They will get read several times and frequently discussed by wife and me at the kitchen table.

I will never get tired of hearing someone say, “I read you every week.” I am very appreciative when someone wants to read what my thoughts are.

Agreeing with me is optional; it is nice, but hardly a requirement.

One of my favorite days each year is, when during the Clay County Fair at Spencer, I take a day to work at the Farm News booth.

People tell me that they read Farm News each week and look forward to getting it and then a few will say that they like reading what I have to say, too.

Last fall there was a man who walked toward me with his hand outstretched telling how he enjoyed what I wrote and that we had much in common.

He farmed with red machinery, once fed cattle and, if I remember correctly, had recently had a class reunion.

I would never have thought a column last winter about why tractor rides are a mystery to me would lead to being part of a tractor ride in Manning last June.

The most e-mail I received from a subject was when I wrote that I was probably the only one who was interested in looking at silos as I drove across the countryside.

I learned there are more people like me who look at silos with a certain amount of nostalgia.

This is a valuable partnership between the readers of Farm News and me.

I will repeat myself once again and say thank you for another year of allowing me to be part of your day.

It is an honor I do not take lightly and I hope to continue to be up to the task.

Rye is a Farm News staff writer and farmer from Hanlontown. Reach him by e-mail at crye@wctatel.net.

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