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Wanted: Intelligent life

By Staff | Jan 7, 2011

To the editor;

Academics and media pundits who constantly bombard us with their politically-biased propaganda on how we should all – against our better judgment – knuckle under and accept as legitimate immigrants all those Latinos, whose first act in our country was to enter it illegally, acquire fraudulent documents, illegally seeking work and entitlements, and thereby contribute to organized crime and a black market economy; thus proving they have no respect for us, our borders, laws, or culture, are nitwits.

Those who say it is our only option are nitwits of the lowest order.

We need good, honest, hard-working immigrants who wish to become permanent and productive American citizens, not population at all costs. We have no need of more criminals. We need tough, dedicated workers, who will come to Iowa and the other agricultural states of the interior to stay.

Many wonderful people from all parts of the globe, not just Latinos, would give their all for that chance. They should all be offered an equal chance to prove to us their greater merits to the society, not only those who can easily steal across our borders.

Because the liberal/progressives have whined, continually, for stronger family re-unification policies, the DREAM Act would have rewarded the law-breaking parents of those “innocent” children with automatic legalization from the simple act of their signing up for school or military service, with no rational requirement of prior achievement, or even eventual completion.

The minimal two-year sign-up was less than is required of those who enter our armed forces, legally, from foreign countries. There was nothing right or intelligent about this DREAM. It would have been just one more nightmare foisted upon us by the Democrats’ senseless do-gooder wing, which would have encouraged more illegality. We can and must do better.

We should return to strict enforcement of our immigration laws, exemplary behavior standards for longer residency for all immigrants and let the market, not activist judges, determine who merits citizenship.

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