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Third World status

By Staff | Feb 4, 2011

To the Editor:

The (Jan. 21) front page story about Poet’s Project LIBERTY is real, right? Liberty for who? For the corporate thieves who are costing America its soul.

If you want to complain about lack of jobs, less purchasing power for your money and even moral degradation, look no further than the millions of business people who look at American taxpayers as mere victims of the government scams they lobby for.

Project LIBERTY has to have over 50 percent of its raw materials paid for by taxpayers.

This is so obviously an unsustainable business the owners should bear all costs; or they should go into another business rather than burdening taxpayers with the cost of their hobby.

Jeff Berkland invested in new equipment to enter a business built on hollow promises and he should be compensated for his loss.

If there is any inkling of potential profit and they feel oil is unfairly subsidized they should lobby for undoing the oil subsidies instead of ruining the economy by piling on more damaging subsidies themselves.

Multiply this story times all the other scams dealt through government bureaucracy and it’s easy to see why we have a recession.

The untold waste created by business done outside a market-based economy is sending America to third world status.

Get government out of farming and all other business. The courts can serve a useful purpose settling disputes with business much more effectively than government intervention can prevent them.

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