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By Staff | Feb 18, 2011

To the editor:

The genetically modified organism advocates say that in order to feed the world we must continue on the path of GMO-contamination of the earth’s plant life. No GMO product increases yield.

They are only for controlling weeds and pests.

As far as contamination is concerned, the product glyphosate has all of our soils contaminated. This product is not biodegradable and, consequently, our soils are saturated with it. Our animal byproducts are full of it.

I listened to a presentation by a retired professor from Purdue University who claimed this is happening.

The good news is that glyphosate is becoming less and less effective because of Mother Nature.

It will be a good thing for agriculture that we cannot depend on chemicals to control weeds.

This will let young farmers enter farming and discourage some of the large and greedy ones from expanding.

Darwin Peterson

Iowa Falls

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