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Takes issue with Fric and Frac

By Staff | Aug 5, 2011

To the editor,

I have decided two of the weekly contributors in the opinion section of Farm News are worthy of special attention and will hereafter refer to them as Fric (Alan Guebert) and Frac (David Kruse.)

Fric is always wrong (he’s a liberal.) Frac enthusiastically supported Obama in 2008 despite the perception he’s a fairly conservative Republican, who actively supported Steve King and Tom Latham for Congress. His unabashed support for the current (White House) occupant renders me incapable of taking Frac seriously.

Fric pontificates that Obama is blameless in the debate over the debt ceiling because the facts are a president “cannot raise the debt ceiling without congressional orders to do so and, moreover, cannot spend a nickel without reaching into the public’s pocket and handing it to him.”

Here’s a fact Fric conveniently omits from the discussion – Congress cannot override a presidential veto, so who is really calling the shots.

This is Obama’s baby.

One final fact – this country cannot survive with Obama in charge another four years.

Frac blames Congress for the mess we’re in, and I agree. However, distinction must be made between a Republican Congress, which overspent, but kept the deficit at manageable levels, and a Democrat Congress.

After gaining control of both houses in 2006, the deficits increased rapidly with a Republican in the White House and reached warp speed when Obama was elected in 2008.

Frac fails to acknowledge Obama’s role in this budget mess.

Congress gave him what he wanted.

Am I biased? Of course. I don’t like to call Mr. Obama the worst president ever, so hereafter he will be referred to as the 44th best.

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