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Rally ‘round freedom

By Staff | Oct 14, 2011

To the Editor:

First a disclaimer: I do not hate ethanol. I love freedom and appreciate its benefits.

Larry Kershner would like us to “Rally ’round RFS” (Sept. 23, page 3A) and I would rather rally ’round freedom. We did not become the greatest nation on earth because government bureaucrats dictated what we buy, and I would think Larry Kershner, and especially Rep. Steve King, would know this.

It is a sad day when people give up their rights to control their property. Steve King should use his influence in the House to get the federal government out of the energy business entirely. No favors for big oil or for any other sector, putting the savings from market-driven energy prices in the hands of “everyday Americans.”

I’m not optimistic this will ever happen. The Renewable Fuels Standard and the Patriot Act are both products of intrusive government the founders were trying to protect us from.

King’s support for pet projects that undermine the document he swore to uphold and defend are typical of what politicians do to ruin our great country.

I suggest people read David Kruse’s Defining Victory (Sept. 30) before they cast votes. How dare he speak the truth?

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