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Agribusiness contributions to members of congrtessional ag committees

By Staff | Nov 21, 2011

With the upcoming presidential election accelerating the focus on November 2012, one issue that will most likely be decided before either President Obama takes a second term or one of his Republican challengers takes the oath of office is the latest version of the farm bill.

The farm bill is a massive spending measure that covers a wide variety of agriculture issues from crop insurance to food stamps and is taken up by Congress every five years.

Below is an analysis conducted and released by MapLight on contributions connected to the agribusiness sector to members of the House and Senate agriculture committees from Jan. 1, 2001 to June 30, 2011.

The figures below only include contributions coded as belonging to the agribusiness sector by the Center for Responsive Politics. They do not necessarily represent all contributions from the organization (and its employees) to members of the House and Senate Agriculture committees.

Agribusiness contributions to ag committees

Crop production & basic processing: $3,841,515

Milk & dairy producers: $2,885,370

Sugar cane & sugar beets: $2,602,764

Agricultural services & related industries: $1,992,829

Livestock: $1,937,774

Agricultural chemicals: $1,464,683

Tobacco & Tobacco products: $1,386,264

Forestry & Forest Products: $1,289,472

Poultry & eggs: $1,208,714

Other commodities (including rice, peanuts, honey): $1,207,043

Vegetables, fruits and tree nut: $948,485

Farm organizations & cooperatives: $877,646

Animal feed & health products: $862,504

Cotton: $762,718

Farm machinery & equipment: $734,600

Wheat, corn, soybeans and cash grain: $656,066

Veterinarians: $554,450

Grain traders & terminals: $366,450

Paper & pulp mills and paper manufacturing: $356,716

Florists & Nursery Services: $232,350

Feedlots & related livestock services: $198,300

Horse breeders: $165,575

Agriculture: $106,680

Sheep and Wool Producers: $52,500

Total: $26,691,468

Top contributors in specific crop/product groups

Dairy contributions to ag committees

Dairy Farmers of America: $550,100

Land O’Lakes: $380,980

Dean Foods: $377,400

International Dairy Foods Association: $296,053

California Dairies Inc: $294,400

Sugar contributions to ag committees

American Crystal Sugar: $984,998

Southern Minn Beet Sugar Co-Op: $329,957

American Sugar Cane League: $223,469

Minn-Dak Farmers Co-Op: $185,560

Florida Crystals: $170,250

Livestock contributions to ag committees

National Pork Producers Council: $276,214

National Cattlemen’s Beef Association: $275,238

Livestock Marketing Association: $95,000

Texas Cattle Feeders Association: $94,000

Texas & Southwestern Cattle Raisers: $65,500

Poultry/Eggs contributions to ag committees

United Egg Association: $414,500

National Chicken Council: $235,565

National Turkey Federation: $170,034

Tyson Foods: $117,150

Pilgrim’s Pride Corp: $55,650

Rice contributions to ag committees

USA Rice Federation: $198,381

Farmers’ Rice Cooperative: $138,042

Riceland Foods: $75,990

California Rice Industry Association Fund: $66,220

Producers Rice Mill Inc: $49,000

Cotton contributions to ag committees

National Cotton Council: $332,718

American Cotton Shippers Association: $80,000

Southern Cotton Growers Inc: $60,000

Plains Cotton Growers: $40,750

Calcot Ltd: $36,000

Corn contributions to ag committees

National Corn Growers Association: $66,666

Iowa Corn Growers Association: $23,325

Corn Producers Association of Texas: $11,700

Minnesota Corn Growers Association: $11,050

Corn Refiners Association: $3,750

Soybeans contributions to ag committees

AG Processing: $163,000

American Soybean Association: $87,000

Owensboro Grain: $5,000

Missouri Soybean Association: $4,000

North Carolina Soybean Producers Association: $500

Wheat contributions to ag committees

National Association of Wheat Growers: $103,950

Texas Wheat Producers Association: $13,300

Midwest Grain Products: $4,600

Miller Milling Co: $1,000

Colorado Association of Wheat Growers: $500

METHODOLOGY: MapLight analysis of campaign contributions to the current members (as of Nov. 14, 2011) of the House and Senate Agriculture committees from the Agribusiness sector from Jan. 1, 2001-June 30, 2011. Campaign finance data and industry classifications provided by the Center for Responsive Politics.

Follow this link for contributions to legislators: maplight.org/content/72865

Follow this link for contributions made to members of the Super Committee: maplight.org/content/72862.

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