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Class warfare, envy

By Staff | Jan 27, 2012

To the editor,

I get a real kick out of all those crocodile tears Republican politicians are shedding for the unemployed. Since when have Republicans ever really cared about worker rights, worker safety or worker income?

GOP presidential candidates want to scuttle OSHA and EPA. Voters need to understand Republicans hang their hats on the idea of self-policing.

Self-policing caused the banking financial scandal, the BP oil rig explosion, the Massey-Energy coal mine explosion, and the massive egg recall from Jack DeCoster’s large-scale chicken factories. Actually, the pictures of Donald Blankenship, ex-CEO of Massey-Energy, and DeCoster, would make perfect advertising posters for the GOP.

It is interesting to hear Republicans claim that Democrats are against free enterprise. Voters need to understand that self-policing, or self-regulation, is what Republicans call free enterprise.

Despite a history of safety violations by Massey-Energy, Blankenship received a severance package of $34 million.

Apparently, Republicans think Blankenship is deserving of all that money, because they don’t want to raise his taxes.

I am a Democrat and I don’t know of any Democrats who are against free enterprise. I never really cared how much a person earned, just as long as they follow the rule of law.

Republicans claim we Democrats are engaging in class warfare and envy.

My burning question is, why would any human in his right mind be envious of men like DeCoster and Blankenship, or those crooked bankers who crashed our economy?

Contrary to the goofy economic rhetoric by Republicans, deregulated free enterprise – dog-eat-dog capitalism – is a dagger in the heart of democracy and is itself class warfare against workers, farmers and small business.

Larry Ginter


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