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Not incompetent, but criminal

By Staff | Mar 2, 2012

To the editor,

Modern-day patriots are often misunderstood as being merely GOP tools, because Tea Partiers found agreement with lip-service Republicans on constitutionally-limited government, fiscal responsibility, personal liberty and free markets, while at the same time are incensed toward Democrats’ hostility to those.

However, when Democrats do right by the people, and Republicans do wrong, we must be equally vocal.

Recent Iowa Statehouse activity demands such denunciation.

Even some Tea Partiers we last elected, are guilty of crony capitalism we so loath.

On nearly party-line votes, Republicans approved utilities charging customers for new power plant construction, including unapproved nuclear designs, even before beginning, with no guarantees they’ll ever be built, or ratepayers will ever benefit, or that we can recoup our money in that event.

This epitomizes the unholy alliance that big government and big business often forms to fleece the people.

Only Senate Democrats stand between us and a scalping, like Floridians already experience.

Likewise, Democrats are more right and GOP more wrong, on property tax reform, though both are still far from the positive wealth-creating tax reform we really need.

It seems they only agree on shearing Iowa drivers with another fuel tax increase, so farmers and corporations remain shielded from paying the actual damages they cause to our roads.

Whether using the state’s coercive power to steal through unequal taxation, or force unsecured investment in a publicly-granted monopoly, most government officials, of both parties, are not merely ignorant of our rights, but they are liars and thieves, not just incompetent, but criminal in their machinations.

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