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Keep investing

By Staff | Mar 16, 2012

Keep investing

To the editor,

Here we go again: a journalist professing to be an expert on the beef check-off. The list of accomplishments from investments through the check-off are too numerous to list here and that is from an investment as Mr. Guebert puts it “only 12 cents or so per person.”

I don’t think that any manufacturing or production sector succeeds by doing nothing. But Mr. Guebert offers nothing in terms of solutions to the industry’s challenges.

The food industry has gone through huge evolutionary changes in the past 40 years. Consumers have evolved from a meal-at-home society to a grab-and-eat with most family or non-family members eating away from the customary home dining room table.

Check-off response – new microwave heat-and-eat product research and development in cooperation with our manufacturing partners.

The health community charges us to consume less red meat. Check-off response No. 1 – fund credible research on profiling various beef cuts for nutrient content resulting in documenting 29 lean cuts of beef that meet the dietary guidelines for a heart-healthy diet.

Check-off response No. 2 – work with dieticians and chefs across this country on best utilization of lean beef cuts in various types of menus.

Golly, Mr. Guebert, if we as a beef industry do not invest in this, who else will step forward on our behalf to do this type of work? I read no solutions from you.

As a small cow-calf and seedstock producer with over $3,000 invested per production unit, it appears to me a .033 percent investment in the check-off is one of the soundest things I do each year.

If the question you raise is “Should we as cattle producers be investing more in the check-off?” the answer is a no brainer – “yes.”

Daryl Strohbehn, Boone

Board Member, Iowa Beef Industry Council

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