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PC run amok

By Staff | Apr 6, 2012

To the editor,

In the March 16 Spring Farm edition of Farm News, the article, “ISU: Organic farming can profit producers,” is the perfect example of the old saying, when computers first came out, “garbage in, garbage out.”

The garbage was inserted by Kathleen Delate, an ISU professor of agronomy, who lives and breathes organic, continuing to promote her her agenda with completely false or misleading information.

“On average, organic systems return roughly, $200 per acre more than conventional crops,” she wrote. If that was true, all farmers would be organic.

The Rodale Institute (all organic all the time) “calculated that organic crops required 45 percent less energy and contributed significantly less greenhouse gas emissions.’ This might be possible if they plowed with horses. Instead of CO2 emissions, their concerns would emanate from the south end of a north-bound horse.

The real tragedy is that my alma mater continues to pay the salary of the tenured professor who promotes a practice that’s the antithesis of ISU’s principles of science and technology.

Her department is the perfect example of “political correctness” run amok, under the pretense of giving consumers what they want.

Unfortunately, many are sheep wanting only what they are told they want.

Jerry Crew


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