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Looking closer

By Staff | Aug 10, 2012

To the editor:

Taxes, spending and the economy are always hot topics among politicians, especially during an election year.

However, most politicians fail to offer real solutions.

If we are honest and look closer, we can see one of the primary threats to prosperity is the demise of the family unit and family values. This breakdown affects every part of our economy.

A few consequences include:

  • Decline in the effectiveness of the legal system.
  • The need for more laws.
  • The need for more police officers and prisons.
  • The lack of ethics in our work force.
  • The need for more taxpayer-funded social programs.
  • The higher cost of insurance.
  • The lack of adequate preparation of the work force.
  • The decline in the effectiveness of our schools.
  • The rise in teacher burn-out.

We can no longer afford to re-enforce bad behavior by spending more.

It’s about time the politicians begin recognizing that; and we as voters begin voting that way.

And it’s surely time that we as citizens begin living that way.

We can’t change a person with a check.

Darwin Hofmeister


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