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Conservation ethic is lost

By Staff | Nov 23, 2012

o the editor,

I don’t know why Farm News is reluctant to print letters critical of Alan Guebert. Either they think I’ve had enough letterss published about Alan or he’s some close relative immune to criticism.

For the most part, his column is nothing but recycled liberal pap using concocted numbers to justify his regal proclamations from his “pie in the sky” throne.

His latest manifesto wants us to go back to the days of “Wise old grandpa and dad” (issue Nov. 16) using data from a study cited by some organic website (farmandfoodfile.com) which proved three- and four-year rotations were more profitable than a corn-soybean rotation. Does Guebert think we are stupid enough to believe that?

Is there some magic market where oats sell for $12 per bushel?

Most troubling about Guebert is his willingness to moldboard plow the alfalfa and, yep, retrieve the cultivator from behind the barn.

One would think someone with his brilliance would know that erosion is caused by tillage, but, since tillage can be replaced by herbicides, his anti-GMO stance replaces any conservation ethic he may have possessed.

If Farm News continues to publish Guebert’s column, I will continue to write my letters exposing him as nothing more than a member of a biased journalistic community dedicated to an agenda contrary to a huge majority of Americans.

Jerry Crew


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