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Let’s try peace and freedom

By Staff | Dec 21, 2012

To the editor,

David Kruse has been expanding outside his usual call for ethanol subsidies in calling attention to the vast subsidy the oil industry gets by the view of the USA as a super power

Every once in a while Kruse becomes extremely enlightened, such as when he pointed out a lack of goals in the Iraq war months ago.

He most recently stated that no one but he has brought up the issue of military expenditures as a subsidy for the oil industry in competition with bio fuels.

But I have several times in letters to this paper. And Ron Paul, in his stalwart tenure in the U.S. House, has never wavered in calling for all individuals and corporations to shoulder all their costs themselves, rather than seeking handouts.

This, of course, is a threat to all those who see government as a tool to steal from others. So they painted Paul as a nut or unpatriotic because that is easier than debating him on the issues.

Look around and see the rush to economic activity that is presently occurring. This mad dash to complete deals in 2012 is being done to avoid the avalanche of taxation and regulation coming with Barack Obama’s second term.

The same sort of taxation and regulation advocated by so-called ethanol supporters.

Just think of the powerful coalition that could be built around limited government if people like David Kruse advocated peace and freedom instead of the piling on of government interventions intended to right the wrongs created by government in the first place.

Fritz Groszkruger


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