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Opposed to GMOs? Just say so

By Staff | Jan 11, 2013

To the editor,

I’m always amazed how easy some people can convince themselves or be convinced by others that “up is down” and “down is up.”

Organic proponents like Darwin Peterson (letter in Jan. 4 issue) should just admit their bias against GMOs instead of trying to justify it using pseudo-science.

“I attended a field day near Osage, where the yields of conventional was just as good as …” is a perfect example since the study was from one year of corn in a long-term rotation with large amounts of animal manure applied prior to planting.

The truth is, if all things (soil, fertility level, moisture, temperature) are equal, GMO corn will out yield non-GMO every single time.

“The speakers that day told about the dangers of glyphosate build-up in soils, since the herbicide does not degrade.” That statement is an absolute falsehood. Round-up (glyphosate) has zero carry-over potential because there is zero soil activity. Who were the speakers?

My guess would be from the Leopold Center, the organic department of ISU or Practical Farmers of Iowa who operate behind the term sustainability which is a cover for organic.However, I acknowledge that PFI does many positive things for the smaller niche farmers and the conservation effort.

Peterson states “In his column last week, Bob Streit told of the researcher who left her wheelchair, put there by farm chemical exposure, after she researched the diets of hunter-gatherers.” What’s his point? Farm chemicals equate to wheelchairs? A veiled promotion of veganism? A slap in the face to us hunter-gatherers who eat meat? Perhaps Striet could better explain his purpose.

It’s time for you organic enthusiasts to man-up. Stop trying to justify organic (you can’t) and just admit your bias for a non-GMO vegan diet.

It is certainly your right to do so. I’m hoping that I also retain the choice to eat meat and GMOs because the Obama administration and Michele is doing everything possible to force us to organic including diverting almost a billion dollars from conservation for its’ promotion.

Jerry Crew


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