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By Staff | Mar 1, 2013

A person can read most anything on the Internet. And when you think you’ve seen it all, there is still room for a surprise.

But I am getting ahead of myself.

There are certain things I have in my pockets and I consider them requirements for whatever may happen each day.

In my shirt pocket is a pen and notebook with blank paper. I use it to write notes to myself and recently handed a blank sheet to my mother-in-law because she was the score keeper of a card game.

In my right front pants pocket is a key ring with keys and a nail clipper. Besides trimming my nails, I have used it as tweezers. It comes in handy for those annoying slivers – wood or steel.

Also in my front right pants pocket is a jack knife. Not just a pocket knife, it is a Buck model 112.

I tried carrying a model 110, but it was too hard on my pocket and the 112 is a smaller version of the 110.

My knife gets used for everything from opening envelopes and boxes to slicing buns and apples.

I have a knife sharpener next to my chair in front of the television and I will sharpen my knife while watching whatever show is on. I am trying to get it sharp enough I can shave with it but am not there yet.

These are items I carry because they are handy for various jobs,zz and it is surprising how often I reach for them.

Now back to my Internet reading.

One of my reading sources directed me to something called The Art of Manliness that had an article titled Every Man Should Carry a Pocket Knife.

I didn’t need the Internet to tell me that.

The article did give the history of pocket knives and told of the different kinds of knives.

It told about even looking for a knife that may have been owned by a family member such as Dad’s that can be used to pass on to another family member.

My knife has been seen by enough family members that I believe someone will ask for it after I no longer need it.

The article was fun to read and then even led to a link titled How to Sharpen a Knife.

I read that, too. There was no mention of using your pocket knife for a close shave, but I will keep trying.

That same link that directed me to carry a pocket knife had a link to another article titled Every Man Should Carry a Handkerchief.

That is in my right rear pocket.

It is just as handy as my pocket knife. I use it for cleaning my glasses, wiping up a spill and the usual thing you use a handkerchief for. That is why I get a clean one frequently.

Unlike my knife, I don’t see that any of my family members will want my handkerchiefs, clean or otherwise.

I thought having a knife and a handkerchief were obscure pieces of information.

I learned from my 65 years of living. Then there they are on the Internet advising men on how to be manly.

Low-tech items in a high tech age.

Who knew?

Rye is a Farm News staff writer and farmer from Hanlontown. Reach him by e-mail at crye@wctatel.net.

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