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By Staff | Jul 19, 2013

As there gets to be fewer of us rural types, we need to keep waving at each other.

A railroad track runs within 100 feet of our gravel road for a short distance.

Today, a train and I were headed in the same direction and for about 30 seconds, the two of us were traveling side-by-side.

I rolled down the car window and waved to the engineer. He waved back.

When I am close to home, I wave at most everyone.

Our route to town takes us past the ethanol plant and it is unusual to not meet someone who is either empty or loaded along the road.

Whether I recognize them or not, I like to wave. It just seems like the neighborly thing to do.

Yes, I wave at trains, trucks, also tractors, combines, road graders, snow plows and anyone who drives by my home.

A wave is an acknowledgement, a form of recognition. It is a friendly greeting meaning, “I see you and you see me.”

There are many kinds of waves. My favorite is using all my fingers spread wide while rotating my wrist.

I have been known to wave this way using both hands simultaneously. If you receive one of those two-handed waves from me, consider yourself one of my favorite people as I only use those on people I am really happy to see.

There are subtle waves using just one finger from the hand that is placed at the top of the steering wheel. It still counts.

Two fingers can also be used from the top of the steering wheel position if the person is worth the second finger. Careful, don’t get carried away.

The ultimate wave is with an open window and the hand extended in the air and the arm going back and forth.

Those are saved for days when it is not too cold or too hot because sometimes there is not enough time to get the window down.

I always make sure my waving hand is in the sun because I don’t want the recipient to miss my wave.

My uncle would lift his hand and drop his head in a nod when he waved. I thought that was classy.

As there gets to be fewer of us rural types, we need to keep waving at each other.

Think of when you are in a city, waves there are usually of the unfriendly variety.

It is sad when there is a grudge between two people and the grudge is so strong they no longer wave to each other.

Waves are like smiles. There are plenty more where those come from.

C’mon, loosen up. What have you got to lose?

You’ll probably make somebody smile.A toot of the horn is optional and always appreciated.

Rye is a Farm News staff writer and farmer from Hanlontown. Reach him by e-mail at crye@wctatel.net.

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