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By Staff | Sep 13, 2013

After Easter last spring, the Easter lily we bought had run its course and it was set outside the garage to be disposed.

It stayed there a few days and I did not like the idea of treating it like so much trash so I planted it in a corner of our garden.

I admire all green plants, even weeds, for their determination to grow. They seem to be asking, “Just give me a chance to get my roots established in the soil with a little water and I can take care of everything else.”

The lily took hold in the soil and I mowed around it this summer, watching the familiar pointed green leaves grow and thrive.

A week ago, it bloomed and there were two more buds in place telling us it was only a few days more when we would see it in the form we saw it last spring.

My wife put a photo of it on Facebook and asked for comments.

Most of the comments spoke in wonder about the Easter lily blooming in the fall.

That is, until a friend of ours who loves gardening and flowers said that the lily was forced to bloom last spring and lilies, when left to their own, normally bloom in the late summer like many flowers.

That brought an end to the oohing and ahhing.

I had thought that Easter lilies were supposed to bloom in the spring so this was news to me.

It does show a lesson to us humans living on this earth.

We like to think the earth was put here for us and everything that happens is for us.

Climate events are translated into catastrophes saying it has not been that wet, dry, hot, or cold since once or twice back in whatever the year it was.

Then there is no explanation of what was happening during the former record when that extreme event happened; only that this is a potential calamity and something must be done now.

We humans think of the earth or the weather in terms of a person’s life span when both the earth itself and its accompanying weather have millions of years of cycles.

We get alarmed when there are bad events.

Shouldn’t we be alarmed when there are good events such as the delayed hurricane season we are now experiencing? Let’s find someone or something to blame for those good events too.

We give human characteristics to inanimate things such as calling the planet Mother Earth and saying it is a living planet.

The earth is not life; it supports life, but only because of the heat and energy received from the sun.

Without the sun, earth would be another planet where life forms, that we probably would not recognize, from other planets would come here in search of life, intelligent or otherwise.

You can put in your own joke about Washington, D.C., here.

We humans certainly have a responsibility to use wisely the resources we have, be it those from the earth or our own abilities and intelligence.

So rather than living from calamity to calamity, we would be wiser if we stopped, took a deep breath, and looked at everything as it is, not what we believe it is supposed to be.

The Easter lily is telling us, “I will bloom in spring and that is on you. Let me be a lily and come admire my blossoms late each summer and that is on me.”

Rye is a Farm News staff writer and farmer from Hanlontown. Reach him by e-mail at crye@wctatel.net.

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