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IFPS releases seminar schedule

By Staff | Jan 16, 2014

DES MOINES – The Iowa Power Farming Show released its list of seminars during the three-day 2014 show in Des Moines.

These include:

JAN. 28

A). 10:45 a.m. “Farm Legacy: Adding Clarity in Uncertain Times,” by Farm Financial Strategies, Room 301.

Many farm families are concerned with how to organize their estate after the “fiscal cliff” legislation.

During this changing tax law environment, Iowa land values have continued to skyrocket. It takes a larger land base to support a family today than in the past, yet land values make purchases cost prohibitive.

The gap between market rent and family rent has widened. With today’s values it is difficult for families to define fair versus equal for their children.

However, most estate documents do not effectively address estate losses, management control, and distribution of the family farm in a way that helps to improve cash flow, protects the interests of the family heir, and treats the off-farm heirs fairly and equitably.

In this seminar we will talk about common issues facing farm families and mistakes that are often made. We will then talk about ways to structure strategies to withstand today’s volatility and achieve intended results.

B). 11:30 a.m. AgFiniti: “Ag Leader Technology’s Cloud-Based Platform,” by Luke James, software sales manager, Room 311.

As information becomes more critical to decision-making and profitability, AgFiniti, becomes the hub of farming operations.

Data from the field becomes information that can be accessed instantly from anywhere. Guidance lines, prescriptions, as-applied maps and other data files can be sent and received wirelessly.

Files can be accessed from any device’s supported web browser or by using SMS Software, and shared with crop consultants and farm managers. Field activities can be managed and monitored from the office, and field displays accessed remotely.

C). 12:15 p.m. “Amending Soils with SuperCal for Increased Productivity,” by Calcium Products, Room 301.

Experts will help explain the difference between limestone or gypsum. Find out why purity, particle size, and precise placement are key to unlocking the yield increasing capacity of lime and gypsum.

D). 1 p.m. “Family Farm Succession Planning,” by Heartland Financial Resource Group, Room 311.

This seminar will discuss estate planning for the family farm and documenting along with issues that complete the plan, with retirement strategies.

Points of discussion include transitioning the family farm to the next generation and beyond; tax advantage planning to include current tax issues, capital gain tax issues and estate planning, wealth management; risk management, long term care concerns, picking a buyer versus a forced sale and farm corporation buy-sell processes.

E). 1:45 p.m. “Defying Uncertainty,” by Scott Stewart of the Stewart Peterson Group, Room 301.

Uncertainty can make the world interesting and erode confidence. The way to get through uncertainty in pricing inputs, crop production and selling production is to systematically prepare for the possibilities.

Learn from a veteran marketing leader to help defy uncertainty and make farming fun again.

F). 2:30 p.m. “Successful and Effective Transitions: What it takes?” by Alan Richardson, ertified EOS implementer for Transition Point Business Advisors, Room 311.

The way in which a farm transition is planned and executed can literally “make or break” the future of the business and the people involved. There are a host of personal, business, estate and family issues to work through in addition to financial and tax implications.

JAN. 29

A). 10:45 a.m. “Farm Legacy: Adding Clarity in Uncertain Times,” Farm Financial Strategies, Room 301.

B). 11:30 a.m. “Designing a Tile Drainage System Using Your Precision Ag Data,” by Aaron Friedlein, product manager, Ag Leader Technology, Room 311.

Adequate field drainage is crucial for maximizing yield and profitability. The new Water Management Module in SMS Advanced allows mapping and planning new tile lines, verify that runs have enough grade to maintain the desired efficiency, and edit or redefine existing tile surveys with the tile plan editor.

Utilizing the tiling parameters to define ideal tile placement, added tile lines will display a soil profile view, showing how the tile will be installed. Once completed, tile plans can be exported for in-field installation.

C). 12:15 p.m. “Amending Soils with SuperCal for Increased Productivity,” by Calcium Products, Room 301.

D). 1 p.m. “Put Your Mind at Ease and Your Seed at Proper Depth with Hydraulic Down Force,” by Brett Buehler, product specialist, Ag Leader Technology, Room 311.

Ag Leader’s Hydraulic Down Force System allows monitoring and controling planter down force on-the-go using the Integra display.

The system adjusts pressure instantaneously based on field topography and soil conditions to ensure consistent, proper planting depth, while also limiting seed trench compaction.

With automatic response time and multiple channels of control, the system offers higher accuracy planting than an air bag system.

E). 1:45 p.m. “How Can You Defy The Markets Uncertainty,” by Mike Rusch and Nick Mueller of the Stewart Peterson Group Inc., Room 301.

Look at what prices might do in 2014 and how to position marketing for the uncertainties ahead.

F). 2:30 p.m. “Farm Estate, Transfer, and Retirement Planning,” Merrill Lynch Wealth Management , Room 311.

Join local Merrill Lynch Financial Advisor Mark Malone, together with a local estate planning attorney and an insurance specialist, to discuss how to plan for retirement and different strategies for transferring the farm.

JAN. 30

A). 10:45 a.m. “Family Farm Succession Planning,” Heartland Financial Resource Group, Room 301.

B). 11:30 a.m. “How Can You Defy The Markets Uncertainty, by Mike Rusch and Nick Mueller of the Stewart Peterson Group Inc., Room 311.

C). 12:15 p.m. “Amending Soils with SuperCal for Increased Productivity,” Calcium Products, Room 301.

D). 1 p.m. “CropBioLIfe-New Technology For Exceptional Plant Health,” Micro Growing Sciences, Room 311.

The 2014 Micro Growing Sciences presentation will provide growing research info for a new product called CropBioLife. CBL is an affordable foliar formulation of bio-flavonoids (compatible with most tank mixes) specifically designed to accelerate the immune system of plants for most crops that is proven to increase yield and quality as determined by university research and producer crop results.

CBL has rapidly gained repeat customers and can provide an economical boost for Midwest crop production.

Seminar rooms are located on west end of Convention Center.

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