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By Staff | Apr 4, 2014

My wife and I are having a discussion about whether we should join the rest of the world by getting ourselves a smart phone.

I only upgraded from my analog cell phone to digital because the cell phone provider was going all digital, and my analog phone was going to become a useless glob of plastic.

Actually, the phone I have now is smart enough. It does what I want it to do, namely, call people I want to talk to and receive calls from people, most of whom I want to hear from.

Not only do I not have a smart phone, but when it rings at the wrong time, it becomes a dumb phone as in, “Oh, you dumb phone.”

I believe most of my received calls fall into two categories – people who want something and bad news. Yes, that would be most of my calls.

I am not interested in connecting with the Internet, getting my e-mail, or doing that thing with the finger across a screen, up and down, left and right, obviously in search of something that people do. It must be important, and I hope they find whatever it is.

My wife’s phone is at least three years old and is getting slow for today’s demands. If she wants a new phone, I would say that is a good idea, because I can benefit from it, too.

When I ask her to do whatever my dumb phone cannot do, which is most everything.

Her phone does connect to the internet and when we are in need of Googling something or sending a message, her phone does the job nicely, and I don’t even have to press any buttons, because she does it. That is even better than a smart phone.

I grew up on a party line where our phone number was 4R7, and when we heard a long ring followed by two short ones, we knew that call was for us as there were seven homes all connected to the same phone line.

I believe I was barely out of high school when our party line was replaced with dial phones and our own private line. That was a big change. We could even dial direct.

So I believe a telephone should be a telephone. I don’t even like texting.

We did stop at our cell phone provider last week to ask questions about what was available.

The sales person showed us a phone that would let us speak, and it would put our words on a screen to be sent as text. No pushing buttons. That impressed me.

But it did not impress either of us enough to sign up for a phone that would bring us up-to-date with most everyone else.

I am sure the day for us to join the modern world is not too far off. We like hearing and seeing the latest from our children and grandchildren whom, we believe, have their own smartphones.

Whether we will be smart enough to use all the features of a smartphone, I am not so sure. But I bet we will be smart enough.

Rye is a Farm News staff writer and farmer from Hanlontown. Reach him by e-mail at crye@wctatel.net.

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