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File objections to RICL’s project

By Staff | May 23, 2014

To the editor,

This is in response to the April 25 letter from Beth Conley, manager of Rock Island Clean Line.

I am president of a family farm corporation that farms 1,120 acres. This power line is going through 640 acres of our land.

We and countless other farms the line will cross have a lot of concern with this project’s detrimental affects of our land.

Conley said RICL is paying about $115,000 per half-mile of property crossed. What they fail to tell people is that it will be split among adjacent landowners.

They also fail to tell you they do not have to stay on the easement. They can go right through your front yard if that is the closest route.

Think again if you think you won’t be affected because it’s not going through your property.

When the wind doesn’t blow, or until the wind turbines get into operation, RICL will be competing with you and I for the electricity on our grid.

Your electricity costs will probably double.

So please send your objections to the Iowa Utility Board.

Jerry Gross


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