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Michael Wittrock

By Staff | Jul 10, 2014

Michael Wittrock is a senior at Glidden-Ralston High School in Glidden. He is the son of Brenda and Dennis Wittrock, of Glidden and is the G-R FFA chapter’s retiring president.

1.) Why FFA?:

I’m in FFA because I feel it helps develop skills that will be useful to have in life, like leadership and cooperation; and the ability to interact with professionals, business owners, and public officials in a way that is both friendly and professional.

2.) FFA project:

I have developed my agricultural abilities by working in the dairy section at Hy-Vee in Carroll. I have also worked on my property maintaining an alfalfa field, and tending to livestock including horses, cows, and dogs. In addition, I have logged several hours in turf grass management. These are all things that almost everybody can be involved with, and FFA gives me the opportunity to log these hours, and earn degrees and awards based on how many hours I work, and/or how much money I make.

3.) I’ve learned:

FFA has mostly taught me an understanding of modern ag practices not only in the U.S., but around the world. Learning about ag diversity has been one of my most favorite topics. FFA gave me the chance to attend the World Food Prize, where I was able to meet members of the United Nations, leaders and officials of other countries like Brazil and Russia. I also got the opportunity to talk with members of American companies, such as John Deere and Monsanto.

4.) Career path:

I have chosen to enlist in the United States Army. Afterwords I intend to join a career in law enforcement, with the possibility of conservation law enforcement. I feel that through FFA I have refined my leadership, which will definately help me in my future. In addition, everything I have learned about agriculture will not go to waste, because being in touch with the strengths and weaknesses of modern agriculture will help me understand things I need to know about my food, where it comes from, and how it got to where it is now. This is something that many Americans don’t know about, but definately should.

5.) FFA activities:

I have been to three national conventions, four state conventions, and three district conventions. I have served as a Southwest district officer for two years. I have also attended the World F ood Prize, and the Iowa Agricultural Youth Institute. I have been to Greenhand fire up once as a student, and twice as a facilitator, as well as three years of District leadership camp, once as a student and twice as a facilitator. In my chapter we have worked with hatching ducks and chickens, and we are currently running an aquaphonics system that includes more than 20 fish.

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