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Farm Progress Show continues today through 5 p.m.

By Staff | Aug 27, 2014

A photo taken from AGCO's 40-foot lookout tower that gives visitors to their site a bird's-eye view of it's unique soybean and alfalfa plots that walk visitors through the entire growing season.

BOONE – The 2014 Farm Progress Show is continues its 61st run today until 5 p.m. at the Central Iowa Expo, at the intersections of U.S. Highway 30 and Iowa Highway 17, between Boone and Ames.

The show will run its final day Thursday from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.

One of newest attractions is AGCO’s season plot that shows soybeans and alfalfa through the entire growing season.

AGCO also constructed a 40-foot lookout tower that gives visitors a bird’s-eye view of the layout.

The company was assisted in planting corn, soybeans and alfalfa by the Gilbert High School chapter of FFA.

Jeff Hamlin, director of customer success for The Climate Corporation, discusses some of the services his company provides for farmers that gives them real time data on field conditions and status of crops. Services can be accessed from SmarPhones and downloaded to computers.

The Climate Corporation has a large facility that shows farmers how software apps, accessible by SmartPhones, that will give farmers real time data on conditions on any of their fields.

According to salesman Dane Kuper, The Climate Corporation has 58 million acres enrolled in the program.

“And 70 percent of those are done through SmartPhones,” Kuper said. “That shows how farmers are making changes in how they make decisions.”

According to Jeff Hamlin, director of customer success for TCC, this is a free service that helps them anticipate field conditions before they get to the field.

“Growers like it,” Hamlin said. “It’s changing their operations.”

TCC is touting a new service Climate Pro costing $3 per acre, that gives growers advanced agronomic information on their fields.

As an example, Hamlin said the system runs daily analysis of weather conditions, rate of denitrification, plant population and other models and determines how much nitrogen is available to plants and the potential yield.

Hamlin said company does not make crop management recommendations, but provides the data that allows farmers to choose where resources need to be allocated and when.

TCC has also added a precision planting service where all planting data is uploaded automatically to their account “in the clouds” and can be downloaded for federal farm program verifications, or shared with whomever the farmer chooses to view it.

The Farm Progress Show’s website – www.FarmProgressShow.com – allows visitors to map out their visit ahead of time.

Features include an interactive map, showing each exhibiter and where they can be found on the grounds.

Matt Jungmann, national events manager for the FPS, said despite the family-friendly atmosphere that makes the show an agricultural theme park, “at its core (the FPS) is a trade show,” he said. “All of the hallmark ag companies are here.”

These companies use the show to introduce new equipment, technology and services to farmers.

Several of companies and agricultural organizations are talking to visitors about expansions and new products.

These include:

A). Wyffels Hybrids recently broke ground for an expansion of its company’s Atkinson, Ill., production facility. The new 27,000-square-foot building will hold 170,000 bags of seed corn, and is expected to be completed by fall.

The building will be refrigerated to 50 degrees at 50 percent humidity optimum storage conditions for corn.

“Our goal is to deliver the highest quality seed to our customers’ farms,” said Jacob Wyffels, field operations supervisor. “This climate controlled warehouse will help improve seed viability.

“Temperature and humidity will be controlled with top-of-the-line technology including an energy efficient cooling system.”

The new building will more than double Wyffels Hybrids’ current cold storage capacity, and is in response to the company’s growth.

“We have experienced tremendous growth in recent years and want to invest back into the company in a way that best serves our customers,” said John Wyffels, vice president of finance and administration. “We’re excited about this new facility that will help handle our current and anticipated future growth, and provide the best possible product for corn growers.”

B). Net Irrigate, an Indiana manufacturer of Wireless Agricultural Irrigation Monitoring technology, is introducing WireRat 4.0, an update to its WireRat technology that offers pivot owners new benefits like the ability to self-test the system and increased battery performance.

Since its release in 2011, WireRat technology has become the agriculture industry’s best selling alarm solution for copper theft on center pivot irrigation systems and additional agriculture equipment. The company will be found in booth 9122.

C). The Iowa Soybean Association, booth 754, has data from on-farm trial results from across the state and the latest environmental programs and practices.

Research specialists from the On-Farm Network and Environmental Programs and Services teams, are discussing specific replicated strip trials and projects from areas across the state and work with farmers to determine what opportunities might exist on their farm.

The booth has a working model of a bioreactor showing how the carbon-based system processes nitrate in tile water. An unmanned aerial system and cover crop options will also be featured.

In addition to discovering ongoing research and environmental practices, members that visit the ISA tent can enter to win a 200-hour lease on a John Deere 8R Series tractor and $1,000 of biodiesel. Attendees can also enjoy fresh-popped popcorn made with high-oleic soybean oil and a cold bottle of water.

D). Mitas, one of Europe’s leading farm tire manufacturers, opened a production facility in Charles City in 2012.

At the show, booth 16S, visitors can look over the developments the company has made since opening the factory, including the world’s largest agricultural tires, the 1250/50R32 SFT (super flexion tire).

The tire is displayed at the Farm Progress Show for the first time in the United States.

Mitas also developed new IF (improved flexion) and VF (very high flexion) tires for U.S farmers.

PneuTrac, the latest innovation from Mitas, recently shook the tire industry with a concept combining the best of both worlds in traditional pneumatic tires and rubber tracks.

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