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Bowing at the altar of clean energy

By Staff | Sep 5, 2014

To the editor,

Doug Jones is a manager for Rock Island Clean Lines and in his Aug. 29 letter, “RICL responds,” he “strongly encourages landowners to build a complete understanding of our project from credible and trusted sources, as it represents great strides forward for both renewable energy and for Iowa’s economy.”

OK Doug. You’ve almost convinced me RICL will solve all my problems. But, I need the answer to several questions before I sign on the dotted line agreeing to your terms as this proposed line cuts through the very center of my farm.

The very first question, of course, is who is “a trusted and credible source?” Is it you? Is it the Iowa Wind Energy Association?

The realism that wind doesn’t blow 30 miles per hour, 24/7, which makes the widely quoted figure that 27.4 percent of Iowa’s electricity comes from wind highly suspect.

In fact, less than 10 percent of the actual electricity used in Iowa comes from wind.

Do you have a “trusted and credible source” to dispute that fact?

I realize I may be in the minority because I oppose government subsidies for wind, solar and cellulosic ethanol, but the simple fact remains they would not survive without them.

Grain ethanol not only competes with other sources, but with the reduced prices for corn, blows them out of the water.

Mother nature, in her wisdom, has decided to put almost all of plant energy, and the reason for being a plant, into the seed.

That’s why grain ethanol is successful.

On the other hand, she decides when the wind blows and when the sun shines. Do we know when, why or how? Of course not. And, we never will.

Which begs the question, “Why are we bowing before the altar of “clean, green renewable” energy when reality tells us wind and solar are “none of the above?”

Finally, Mr. Jones’ letter spent a great deal of time explaining why the compensation package offered by RICL “is robust and equates to more than 100 percent of the fair market value of the land.”

He and other RICL officials fail to understand that no amount is enough for most of us who will settle only when forced by eminent domain.

Jerry Crew


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