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Exporting Iowa’s wind energy

By Staff | Sep 26, 2014

To the editor,

As a former Iowa Farm Bureau president, and a lifelong dairy farmer, I understand that being a steward for the environment is a top priority for farmers.

Ensuring that our land, water and air in Iowa are clean and preserved for future generations also ensures that our unique rural character will be passed along to our children and grandchildren.

That is why I am sold on wind energy. It will help ensure the future is bright for the farmers and rural communities to come.

Wind energy requires no input of water, which means that it will not divert resources needed for public use and food production.

It releases no harmful emissions, and even displaces greenhouse gases released by other forms of energy production, keeping air clean and safe.

Iowa is a leader in wind energy production much in the same way we are a leader in food production.

We are able to grow more than we are able to consume, and we have the opportunity to profit from our geographic good fortune by exporting our largesse to the rest of the country.

Along with food and fiber, we can export our energy to where the population is. However, we must have a mechanism by which to transport that clean energy to market – transmission lines.

Supporting transmission lines, like the currently proposed Rock Island Clean Line, will give Iowa the infrastructure necessary to be a leading wind exporter.

It is essential that we in Iowa support wind generation and transmission projects.

In addition to profiting off our natural resources, supporting wind energy is a way to maintain stewardship of our environment.

Craig Lang


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