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Wants no forests of turbines

By Staff | Oct 24, 2014

To the editor,

In your Sept. 26 issue you included a letter from Craig Lang regarding Rock Island Clean Line. I would like to respond.

Craig, for its size Iowa does lead in exporting wind energy. We are presently erecting hundreds of new turbines and the transmission lines for these have already been established.

By what you have written on your website I understand that you would like to see 40 times as many wind turbines than we have now with the corresponding hundreds of miles of extra transmission lines.

Not everyone wants to live in endless forests of wind turbines and transmission towers.

Some people like to have their night sky unmarred by fields of red lights and their ears clear of the droning hum of transmission lines.

It is easy to say that others should be “stewards for the environment,” to give up their hard-won property and settle in to live next to and work around these monstrous towers forever.

That’s like saying you want to raise hogs or cattle, but build the barns on your neighbor’s land.

The East Coast does not need nor want our wind energy.

Ten East Coast governors wrote a long letter to the Senate at the inception of RICL basically saying, “In our regions, we are currently on track to meet, and in some cases exceed, state or potential federal renewable energy standards well into the future.”

Iowa farmers have said “No, you may not have our land, not at any price.”

Soon RICL will try to file for a franchise and the right to use eminent domain.

RICL wants to force us because they do not have enough supporters to get it done any other way.

Between the farmers in Illinois and Iowa RICL would have to take nine out of 10 easements by eminent domain to run a 500-plus mile line to an area that doesn’t want it and does not need it.

I don’t know why you felt you had to write that you used to be the Farm Bureau president.

It makes no bearing on us giving in to RICL, but since you brought it up, Clean Lines is being fought by Farm Bureau in both Illinois and Missouri.

You seem to be more Windward Iowa than Farm Bureau these days.

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