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Send Joni Ernst to Washington, D.C.

By Staff | Oct 31, 2014

If they elect Joni Ernst to the U.S. Senate, Iowans will be sending to Washington a woman whose service there will make our nation stronger. An Ernst victory will also provide notice to politicians on Capitol Hill that the voters of the Hawkeye State want major changes in the way they do business.

Ernst has devoted her life to serving others – as a mother, a soldier and public servant.

Her record as an officer in the Iowa Army National Guard is an important reason she should be elected.

America has been at war for more than a dozen years. Our armed forces have been continuously in combat for a longer period than at any time in the nation’s history.

In the years just ahead, Congress must make critical decisions about the size and structure of our military. Additionally, such a long period of warfare has made assorted policy choices affecting the growing number of veterans a high priority.

Ernst will bring a unique perspective to that dialogue. She is a lieutenant colonel who recently commanded the largest battalion in the Iowa Army National Guard – 1,200 men and women who like her chose to don voluntarily their country’s uniform. In 2003, during Operation Iraqi Freedom she was a company commander who led convoys in Kuwait and southern Iraqi.

If Iowans send her to the Senate, Ernst will be the first female senator in the nation’s history to be a combat veteran.

She is ideally qualified to contribute to the upcoming debates about military policy.

That’s a strong reason to send Ernst to the Senate. There is, however, much more to the story.

As a lifelong Iowan, Ernst has learned well the ethical standards and can-do values that are at the heart of public service in this state. Having served in county government and the Iowa Senate, she understands that where citizens hold government accountable it is possible to achieve needed results frugally. There are many localities in the nation – and some states – where government actually works quite well. Iowa is such a place. Ernst will bring this tradition of common-sense-based governing to Washington.

The gridlock that has been the norm in the nation’s capital in recent years makes it clear to just about everybody that things must change.

Ernst fervently believes that the federal government has become too large, too costly and perhaps most importantly too ineffective.

Widespread reforms in government programs and the tax structure are needed. The demoralizing waste of taxpayer dollars on too many programs that just don’t work must be halted.

The race in Iowa is one of a small number of such contests across America that will determine which party controls the Senate. If Iowans elect Ernst, the likelihood that the GOP will have the Senate majority next year will increase.

If Republicans win control of the U.S. Senate, it will be a powerful reminder to the leaders in both political parties that voters are fed up with the failure of Congress to develop a viable game plan for a successful American future.

That is a message that should be sent.

Whichever party has the most seats the next Senate, Ernst’s presence would be a plus. Her service would make the Hawkeye State proud. She is a patriot and dedicated public servant who can make a positive difference in Washington.

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