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By Staff | Feb 27, 2015

I was in need of a year at a glance calendar. Rather than buying one, I found a template that when used with my computer allowed me to print a calendar.

There was a place for a photo next to the calendar which seemed like a good idea. I edited it so I could fit two photos in that space.

One of the photos I chose was taken about 95 years ago of my dad at around age 3 or 4 standing on the seat of a tractor of that time period.

I can’t name the tractor, but it had steel wheels and appears to be steam-operated.

My dad has a big grin on his face which tells me at that age, he was enthralled with this big piece of machinery. The photo was an indication of how he would spend the rest of his life.

The other photo I chose was of my granddaughter from last summer and she is age 3. Her name is Audrey and she is holding a small sheet of paper where she has copied the letter “A” that her mother has drawn for her.

Like my dad, she has a reason to smile because she knows that “A stands for Audrey.”

I printed the calendar and taped it to where I can use the calendar and enjoy the photos.

I find myself looking at both photos and reflecting on these two children 95 years apart that are both showing their delight in doing something that grown-ups do.

Both photos show innocence and joy, something that gets lost as we get older.

And now as I am my dad’s age when he was a grandparent, I understand the joy he found in his grandchildren.

My granddaughter wants me to join her in her world of new-found discoveries and wonderment.

Audrey especially wants me to read to her which lets both of us enjoy the story as it is revealed with each turn of the page.

I get to feel the excitement and enjoyment through her as she listens and tells me what she is seeing.

At my age, mortality is a bigger concern with each birthday while mortality is of no concern to Audrey.

For a few minutes, we both think about the story in front of us and nothing else matters.

Audrey and I get the same happiness standing outside in a slight breeze blowing bubbles.

My wife and I have been grandparents for many years and we can look at any of our grandchildren and recall memories that when told, end with a smile and sometimes a good laugh.

I look at the photo of my dad at his very young age and I believe I can safely say, he was enjoyed by the adults in his life.

And I can remember my parents telling me how my grandfather, my mother’s father, would proudly carry me around his farm when I was the age of the children on my calendar.

There is a timeless quality to my 2015 calendar. It covers a year while spanning 95 years.

It’s a reminder of generations of children, parents and grandparents; of youthful innocence lost, but not forgotten.

Rye is a Farm News staff writer and farmer from Hanlontown. Reach him by e-mail at crye@wctatel.net.

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