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QCPP hits million-gallon cellulosic milestone

By Staff | Apr 21, 2015

GALVA (Syngenta) – Corn Processors has pro- Syngentaannouncedonduced its one millionth gal- April 9 that Quad County lon of cellulosic ethanol

through the use of Cellerate process technology at its Galva, ethanol production facility.

This milestone puts QC- CP on track to produce 2 million gallons of cellu- losic ethanol per year.

Cellerate can help ethanol plants increase pro- duction by converting corn kernel fiber into cellulosic ethanol.

In addition to enabling plants to increase produc- tion by up to 6 percent, Cellerate can help ethanol producers increase the pro- tein content of dried dis- tillers grains to as much as 40 percent and increase to- tal yield of distillers corn oil up to 1.6 pounds per bushel.

“With Cellerate process technology, we are able to extract more ethanol out of the same kernel of corn,” said Delayne Johnson, chief executive officer of QCCP. “The combination of Cellerate and Enogen

corn enzyme technology al- lowed us to produce ad- vanced and cellulosic ethanol while decreasing natural gas usage, increas- ing ethanol throughput and reducing energy consump- tion.

“This technology pack- age is very appealing for ethanol plants looking to improve their bottom line.”

In 2014, Syngenta an- nounced an agreement with Cellulosic Ethanol Tech- nologies, a wholly-owned subsidiary of QCCP, to li- cense Cellerate to ethanol plants.

“Ethanol plants can easi- ly integrate Cellerate process technology into their existing production process,” said Jack Bernens, head of marketing for Enogen corn enzyme technology. “In conjunc- tion with Enogen corn en- zyme technology, Cellerate is capable of delivering no- table benefits to ethanol plants beyond what can be

achieved through either technology alone.”

QCCP was recently hon- ored with the RFA 2015 Industry Award at the 20th Annual National Ethanol Conference in recognition of its achievements in ad- vancing the use of cellu- losic ethanol technology.

The RFA Industry Award is bestowed annual- ly to individuals or groups

that demonstrate great ded- ication and innovation within the renewable fuels industry.

“QCCP is helping to make cellulosic ethanol a reality,” Bernens said. “We are proud to be collaborat- ing with them to make this breakthrough bolt-on process technology avail- able to other ethanol plants.”

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