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Letters from readers

By Staff | Jun 26, 2015

To the editor,

Regarding the guest column (“Farm kid wants RFS repealed”) of June 12, Mr. Orr has quoted the words of Big Oil verbatim.

I will grant some government programs are too restrictive, and then again some are beneficial.

He charges that ethanol imposes evil regulations on farmers and raises the price of fuel. How? He should explain that.

I purchased E85 on (June 13) at Sparkys for 90 cents less than E10. Yes, the mileage is less, but not that much.

During the last few years ethanol has helped to lower the price of gasoline. There is no intelligent argument against it.

It is true ethanol holds a small share of the gasoline trade, because we have no way to market more product except through Big Oil’s pumps, or through farmers’ co-ops.

Mr. Orr seems to imply that with such a small share we should fold up 50,000 to 60,000 jobs and go away. Consider if we did not use 5 million bushels of corn in ethanol production what the price of corn would be.

Yes, he is right, farmers are independent and resoursful, but they have to have a profit to exist. If the U.S. used 1 percent more ethanol the price of corn would sell at a profit.

And, by the way, the by-product of ethanol production is a good cattle feed.

Big Oil is proud of fracking which has increased oil production emmensly, but ask the folks where this takes place and it is not popular – fact is, it’s earth shaking and uses million of gallons of water, unrecoverable water which is so polluted it is ruined.

Yes, Mr. Orr, some government programs are wasteful, but this 88-year-old farmer knows that except for those programs, the nation would have had trouble feeding itself; and the proud guys who didn’t use the program would have failed also.

-Fred Fillman


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