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By Staff | Sep 18, 2015

Attacking PC, HSUS, O

To the editor,

The editorial in the Sept. 4 edition of Farm News, written by the CEO of “The Center for Food Integrity” missed the entire purpose of the so-called “Ag-gag” law passed in several states to protect agriculture from the sneak attacks of the environmental extremist organizations.

Chief offender is the Humane Society of the United States. HSUS is never in the headlines, but uses surrogates such as PETA to promote their agenda which is, quite simply, to make us a nation of vegans! “Organic” vegans!

For those of you unfamiliar with the events leading up to “Ag-gag” legislation, a series of undercover videos showing the mistreatment of animals throughout the industry were released for the express purpose of making us feel guilty about eating meat.

Many of these were “staged events” and all were filmed secretly by persons posing as employees. The so-called Ag-gag legislation was designed so activists couldn’t lie about their intentions, and, despite the assertions by the spokesman, this ruling is counter productive for livestock producers and the food industry as well.

I would also like to comment on David Kruse’s article about what he would do as Ag Secretary in a Trump administration which was quite surprising since he is dead opposed to the trade and immigration policies of “The Donald.” I particularly liked his removal from USDA of anyone remotely related to HSUS and his approach to “organic” (“O”) no more perpetuating the fraud of “O” under Kruse’s leadership! Amen!

My only disagreement is with his comment “Donald seems to think that there are Americans who will milk the cows, tend to sows, pick apples, grow vegetables, and work in processing plants so we will have to prove him otherwise.”

I think if we removed welfare from the physically fit, we would have people looking for these jobs! The problem is we have made welfare more lucrative than working menial minimum wage jobs! We do NOT need more illegal immigrants!

These two stories may seem unrelated, but both contain references to the most insidious of all the ailments afflicting our great nation – political correctness. PC,

HSUS, “O” and yes, even The Center for Food Integrity, are the product of PC! Kudos to David for his attacks on HSUS and O.

Jerry Crew


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