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By Staff | Nov 6, 2015

I see Donald Trump as the WWE candidate for president. My wife and I were introduced to World Wrestling Entertainment by our young son, Chase, when we adopted him at age 6.

WWE fans are salt of the earth, but as a group I do not think I want them choosing our next president. It is a revelation to some I know, but the WWE performances are brilliantly choreographed by some talented athletes.

The reigning WWE Champion is Seth Rollins, from Davenport. WWE marketing is phenomenal and my young son owns stock in WWE for his college fund on my advice that has done very well.

Ironically, Trump has cameoed on WWE RAW and fits right in. He is fake, but excels as a marketer, too.

The serious political candidates know that and they can’t believe the public is so gullible to buy into Trump’s performance.

Trump is ringing the cash register, while Jeb Bush is squealing in frustration as Trump has him in a headlock and is boxing his ears with taunts. Jeb looks ready to tap out.

Trump has taken full advantage of the public’s pissed-off-ness that exits. He is a jerk.

Some people are put off by jerks, but others who are tired of nice guys being president and accomplishing nothing are more than ready to vote for a jerk to shake things up.

A solid majority of the GOP electorate is done with the old and wants in with the new. Whoever is the bigger jerk and says the most politically incorrect things has gotten the most attention.

What has happened here in the contest for the GOP nomination to date is that very few of the candidates know how to work the ring in the WWE.

Most of the establishment candidates don’t have a clue. Trump is a work of art. He is as big a sinner as they come, yet says that he has never felt the need to ask the Lord for forgiveness.

He expresses doubt about Ben Carson as a Seventh Day Adventist and lets the press do his dirty work casting aspersions for him with his plan being evangelicals will take his bait.

I find the concept of an evangelical Christian voting for Trump as heretically irreconcilable.

Trump’s immigration and trade policy would bankrupt the ag sector. Mexico’s economy is now growing which has significantly reduced the flow of illegals into the U.S.

Trump said he will build a wall and charge companies in Mexico a 35 percent tariff on exports to the U.S. to pay for it. That would turn the Mexican economy into a depression.

Into that financial crisis he is going to nicely throw all of the Mexican nationals and their families that his immigration gestapo can apprehend nicely back over the wall into the Mexican economic morass that he has created.

Since U.S. Agriculture depends on immigrant labor for milking cows, farrowing sows, tending broiler flocks, planting and harvesting vegetables, picking fruit and providing the labor source for virtually every facet of food processing in this country, the U.S. food supply chain would be as rocked as if it were given a WWE Tombstone Pile Driver.

Mass deportation of immigrant labor will be the second most disruptive thing that Trump could do to the U.S. food supply chain. He will blame that on NAFTA or the intern who sent his tweets that day.

In Trump’s WWE chorography they just roll over and he gets declared WWE trade champion. We win big. In reality, they are going to hit back and they will hit back where the U.S. has its trade surplus – the ag sector.

He is going to get tough on trade with Mexico, China and Japan, our top three ag export markets, which is why Iowa sports a $4 billion trade surplus.

NAFTA is working for Iowa’s trade balance as we export $6.7 billion to Canada and Mexico, while importing $4.8 billon.

Iowa is ranked fourth of the 50 states with a positive trade balance behind Washington, Utah, and West Virginia. Protectionism should come to die in Iowa.

The Trans-Pacific Partnership would give ag exports another boost. This state and the ag sector is a trade winner so why would it choose a protectionist loser?

U.S. farm exports will take the hit when these trade partner’s retaliate and they certainly will. Trump will be the best thing ever for South American agriculture as they fill the market void left by Trump’s trade war when U.S. ag exports plunge.

We will have fewer, smaller export markets and no labor for the ag sector with Trump’s trade and immigration policy. Iowa will take the worst of it – the full brunt.

Monsanto’s GMO corn is not why Trump fell in the recent Iowa polling. He is a menace to the ag sector and the Iowa economy.

Governor Branstad’s son, Eric, interviewed Trump for America’s Renewable Future and quickly discerned that on a scale of 1 to 10 Trump’s knowledge of the ag sector was somewhere between 0 and 1.

I believe that Donald Trump knows far more about the WWE than he knows about what impact that his proposed immigration and trade policy would have on agriculture or Iowa.

I also have the strong impression that he really doesn’t give a rip. Trump’s WWE-like performance has potentially grave consequences on the Midwest and U.S. agriculture.

Trump responded to his decline in Iowa polls saying he is the winner and we need to get on board with that or when he is president he will remember Iowa as losers.

He never considered for a moment that there may be something wrong with his policy.

His WWE tag should be “Mr. Perfect.” He could taunt us with “I’m perfect and you’re not!” I think that he needs one of John Cenas “Attitude Adjustments.”

Note: My 15 year old son and WWE mentor, Chase Kruse, contributed to this report. He favors Trump. What can I tell you?

David Kruse is president of CommStock Investments Inc., author and producer of The CommStock Report.

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