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Time for Grassley to step down?

By Staff | Nov 20, 2015

To the editor,

I hesitated about writing this column criticizing the “icon of Iowa politics,” because he has been a hero to conservative Republicans like myself.

But I cannot let his puff article on cellulosic ethanol pass. The damages to our soil and environment by using corn stover for ethanol far outweigh any possible benefits.

The guest column “It’s no trick: Cellulosic ethanol a treat for Iowa economy” by U.S. Sen. Chuck Grassley (in Farm News issue Nov. 13) is, I’m sad to say, a great argument for term limits.

Space will not allow me to refute every point-most have little relationship to reality, but this comment “We’re talking about adding value to organic crop waste,” is beyond belief.

Crop residue is an integral part of nature and is invaluable in maintaining organic matter which is the lifeblood of soil.

It is, Chuck, certainly not waste.

I don’t know why the senator has “sold his soul” to cellulosic ethanol and wind energy. Is it because both are prominent here in Iowa?

Neither one, especially cellulosic, would survive a “New York Minute” without huge government subsidies. And, even if “climate change” was real, (it’s not) more fossil fuel is expended transporting, growing, grinding and fermenting crop residue than can ever be saved producing cellulosic ethanol.

At one time Sen. Grassley was considered a hawk on government spending pushing for a balanced budget amendment.

As a matter of record, he has championed individuals in government jobs who “blew the whistle” on government waste.

That’s why his unabashed support for cellulosic ethanol – a gigantic “boondoggle” of government waste – makes absolutely no sense.

If anyone believes this is a “hit piece” on cellulosic ethanol, I urge you to look at POET in Emmetsburg. They’ve been in operation for a year.

Check out projections to actual production. They’ve learned many lessons including the fact their grinders “don’t do rock.”

Term limits?

Even Sen. Tom Harkin, the complete antithesis to everything Grassley once stood for, saw the handwriting on the wall and retired.

My hope is Sen. Grassley will rethink his decision to seek a seventh term.

Jerry Crew


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