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By Staff | Nov 27, 2015

When this is in the printed form, Thanksgiving Day will be done and we will be eating leftovers.

But that does not mean we wait until next year to give thanks once again. I am sure most everyone would agree with me that thankfulness is for any and every day.

We can start with the obvious and say that despite the frequent complaints about our country, it remains a great place.

The proof is in the number of people who try to enter our country to stay, both legally and illegally.

I am an unapologetic capitalist and that is why we have the opportunities available to people to improve their lives.

I don’t want to turn this into a political statement and will end my flag waving here.

I am proud and grateful to be a part of the amazing system we have called production agriculture.

It’s what keeps our grocery stores well stocked with abundant quantities of food at affordable prices.

I am grateful for the all the people who are part of production agriculture starting with the inputs of seed, fertilizer, pesticides and equipment that make it possible to grow and harvest a crop.

Then I am grateful for the end users who give my crops value as they feed livestock and people and those end users who process what I grow into products that can be food, fuel and fiber.

And there are many people who are in a position of support who deliver diesel fuel, LP and electricity, provide credit and insurance, and keep a free flow of information such as the Extension service, plus media including radio, television, and of course, print.

I am afraid of leaving someone out such as railroad trains and river barges that move agricultural products closer to their final destinations.

We have a great country with great people doing great things and for that I am both thankful and amazed.

We casually reach for a gallon of milk, a dozen eggs, a loaf of bread and a pound of hamburger without thinking what it took to get it on the shelf or display case.

Then we complain because the checkout line isn’t moving fast enough.

So we have much to be thankful for and little to complain about. And that is why limiting our gratitude to a Thursday in late November is foolish on our part.

This would be the best time to give thanks for another important item. This one is truly personal.

I want to thank everyone who takes the minutes necessary each week to read whatever subject I have decided to express my opinion about, using 500 or so words to get the thoughts from my head to mix with your thoughts.

It is an honor and a privilege that I do not take lightly.

Occasionally, I will receive an e-mail or letter from someone who has been moved enough by my words they decided to contact me.

Those messages are read and truly appreciated.

I typically read them at least two or three times and then read them to my wife. It is almost as if we are being visited by a friend.

A writer without a reader is merely talking to himself.

Thank you for being a reader.

Rye is a Farm News staff writer and farmer from Hanlontown. Reach him by e-mail at crye@wctatel.net.

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