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By Staff | Dec 4, 2015


President, Farmers

Cooperative Co


Chairwoman, West Central Cooperative

Making the decision to buy more ground is likely the most difficult cost-versus-benefit analysis a farmer undertakes.

You have to consider many factors; what is the CSR and what practices will you have to implement to meet yield goals? Does the price compare to equivalent ground? Can your current equipment handle that much acreage?

There are always risks. But, if you never look past year one, the forecasts are rarely profitable. Buying more ground is a long-term investment and signing on the dotted line means you’re planning your legacy.

The mathematical and emotional analysis to buy 80 acres is much like the scrutiny with which our board decided to recommend a merger of Farmers Cooperative Co. and West Central Cooperative for our memberships.

You know you’re only going to get one shot at it in your lifetime. Yes, there will be change and some risks, but you’re building your operation to be stronger and more profitable. You’re making a decision to make your operation better for the long-run.

Today, FC and West Central are offering our members a historic opportunity to grow and improve our cooperatives.

To be stronger for our members so we can build better, faster assets for you sooner; to maintain strength in your equity structures through diversification; and to provide better services by improving productivity.

As your farming operations grow around us, we have to improve and change.

We cannot just keep pace; we have to be ahead and ready when you are. Merging two strong cooperatives offers our members power in numbers and continues local ownership and service.

Your cooperative and our people will continue to serve you. Our location staff may be wearing different logos as a result of a member-approved merger, but we will continue serving your farming operation with attentive and progressive employees year after year.

After months of review and in-depth research, our farmer Boards unanimously recommend this merger to our members. Our recommendation is now your decision.

This merger, like expanding and improving your operation with new ground, is a significant decision. We encourage members to participate in our informational meetings, learn about our recommendation, visit with our employees and weigh pros and cons.

Now is the time to position our cooperatives for the future.

We ask that when you return your ballot, you vote yes for the merger of FC and West Central. Every member matters.

Please sign on the dotted line, and vote.

John Scott is an Odebolt-area farmer and president of the board for Farmers Cooperative Co. Sue Tronchetti is a Paton-area farmer and chairwoman of the board for West Central Cooperative.

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