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Capitalism equals no subsidies

By Staff | Jan 22, 2016

To the editor,

Every four years the Iowa voters get a first-hand look at all the candidates up close and personal because we are the first act of the primary/caucus season, and, every time, candidates must explain their positions on ethanol and other renewables.

Unfortunately, the question should be, “Do you support subsidies?” because that’s the hidden agenda behind the question.

Every single candidate supports grain ethanol, cellulosic ethanol, wind and solar, but not all candidates support subsidies.

In fact, only one candidate, Ted Cruz, supports zero subsidies which subjects him to extreme criticism from the Renewable Fuel Association, Farm Bureau, corn growers, wind and solar industry, individuals addicted to “big brother government” and local columnists.

And, it should be pointed out, almost all the critics consider themselves “conservatives.”

When Ted Cruz made his campaign stop in Spencer I asked him directly about his stance on ethanol and renewables.

His answer was direct and without equivocation: “I support every form of energy – oil, wind, solar, ethanol, nuclear, geothermal, and even those not yet discovered – in a free market place. “I don’t support subsidies for anyone.”

May the best man win (my comment, not Cruz’s).

Wow. Someone who truly believes in capitalism.

He went on to explain he wanted government out of every aspect of energy including the restriction on blending and elimination of the Renewable Fuel Standard.

I’ll admit I was concerned with the removal of the RFS, but, unless this barrier is removed, the government now picks winners and losers.

Many perceive this as a floor, but the reality is, it becomes a ceiling, because grain ethanol competes favorably with oil even when gas is less than $2 per gallon.

People ask me why I support a Texan backed by Big Oil, adding that Cruz will support oil which will hurt ethanol.

Why? Ethanol (remember we’re talking grain ethanol, not cellulosic, which costs even more than wind) competes without subsidies in a free market.

The great thing about a truly free market is politics don’t count.

As farmers we can vote with what we think is our pocketbooks, and perhaps elect another Barrack Obama who believes in subsidies (for everything) and subject ourselves to another wretched four years.

Or, we can vote with our heart for the person who will fundamentally change the direction of the country.

Is Ted Cruz the only choice to be considered? Of course not.

Donald Trump and a couple of others would also get us back to what we truly are – the best and strongest nation on God’s green earth.

Jerry Crew


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