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By Staff | Jun 17, 2016

Many Republicans, including some who only recently endorsed their party’s presumptive nominee because he is their party’s presumptive nominee, were having buyer’s remorse this week. They have too much character and ethics themselves to support their party’s presumptive nominee who continues to show he lacks these attributes.

He is a loathsome reprehensible individual without any redeeming characteristic to justify letting him anywhere near the White House in any capacity.

I don’t plan on voting for a candidate for president with a 100 percent voter approval rating with the Humane Society of the U.S., as does Hillary. But neither will I vote for a kook just because Republicans make him their nominee and tell us that we need to vote for him because he is the lesser of two evils.

I would have to have a sworn affidavit from God that Donald Trump is the lessor evil. Let’s see, crook verses kook – that is supposed to be our choice?

I believe our two party systems failed us miserably if they nominate these two candidates. I refuse to play their game.

Donald Trump has done a whole litany of things that many have found disqualifying. Donald says that he has a big brain and good judgment. While I have not seen the lawsuit over Trump University it would appear that the students were promised more than many of them believe that they got.

Donald did not contribute to the effort that students thought that he committed to and a lawsuit was justified. Any presidential candidate with good judgement and a brain would have settled the case admitting to doing nothing wrong and turned his attention away from what is a personal issue stopping it from becoming a distraction, to focus on the more important issues of the country as the GOP candidate.

Not Donald. He can’t prioritize what is important, being sucked down again and again by his own narcissism. Opposition to any Trump statements or positions is taken by him as a personal attack.

Everything to him is personal. Donald’s interests come first before anything, including those of his party or this country. Marco Rubio said, “I told you so.”

When a Federal Judge issues legal rulings not in Donald’s favor the judge, “Obviously is a hater of Donald Trump …a Mexican” … whom he will pay back when he is elected to the White House. There is over the top and there is just plain whacko and this was the latter.

This is a threat against the judicial branch by the executive branch for personal not public reasons. Even his unconstitutional plan to ban Muslims from the country was at least rooted in his perception of what the country needed. This time it is a vendetta in a personal lawsuit and he is dragging his party and the whole country into it.

There is no justifying and explaining this away and no one has tried to. Even Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell and Newt Gingrich all criticized Trump’s judgment on these statements. Gingrich called Trump’s threats, “One of his worst mistakes … inexcusable.”

Looks like Newt knows he was bumped from the short list for veep. Instead of listening to reason, Donald was tripling down. When you are nuts and you can’t reel it in, that is what you do.

Hillary Clinton blasted Trump’s character and sanity last week and do you know what you didn’t hear? You didn’t hear anyone defend him. The silence from the GOP was so that you could have heard a pin drop.

What you heard instead was news-clips with Donald saying opposite conflicting things to previous statements he made not all that long ago on a number of foreign policy issues, so it is getter harder for him to keep his story straight.

Of course, that is coming from the sleazy liberal media. How dare they correctly report on his comments?

Trump says that he can’t get fair treatment from courts if Hispanics, Muslims or other ethnic or religious minorities that he has offended are involved in the jurisprudence. That may even include most women. He appears to argue that he would need an old white male jury who professed to be Christians to get a fair trial.

It is extremely convenient to blame legal rulings that go against you that you don’t like on identity politics. He blames stupid things that he says on the sleazy press. It takes one to know one. Are we going to see his tax returns? One of his aides said that they are too complicated and the American people would not understand them.

So now his defense is condescension.

Trump is everything bad he has ever accused his opponents of being and attacks them first to deflect the charges from being directed at him in what is a magnificent hypocrisy.

Judge Gonzalo Curiel was born in Indiana educated in Indiana. He is an American Hoosier not a Mexican national. He has an exemplary record as a prosecutor and on the bench.

Trump also said that he didn’t believe that a Muslim official would treat him fairly either. To charge a federal judge or anyone for that matter with bias based on their ethnic or religious background is exactly what is not supposed to happen in this country.

If this is not contempt of court, then it is contempt for the ideals of this nation. This is a slippery slope of discrimination and racism being displayed by the GOP’s choice as nominee and there are many in the party who are now caught uncomfortably between their party allegiance and their character.

Trump was forced on party leaders by an angry mob of base supporters who could care less about the character of the candidate as long as he tears the guts out of Washington.

Mobs are irrational and so is their candidate.

David Kruse is president of CommStock Investments Inc., author and producer of The CommStock Report, an ag commentary and market analysis available daily by radio and by subscription on DTN/FarmDayta and the Internet.

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