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Losing farm land to green energy

By Staff | Jul 12, 2016

To the editor,

O’Brien County in northwest Iowa is reported to have the most productive soil and the highest price around and now it is sporting a huge wind farm, taking that land out of production forever and financed mostly by the government to support it’s green energy agenda.

Now Cherokee County, to the south is being wooed and the names who are doing the wooing are big farmers, the ones who are the first in a bidding war with a possible young farmer, driving up the price above production.

Not only will the government pay the lion’s share of putting up the wind farm and related power grids, any farmer is then promised, we’ve heard, $8000 a year to have the turbines on their land.

Isn’t it time to get off the government teat? You talk to anyone and they are appalled at the massive debt this country has accumulated, until it benefits them. How much longer can we keep printing more money and then going to China to finance out debt?

My husband and I went on our REC’s energy tour up into the Dakotas and it really opened our eyes to how serious the coal industry is in clean coal.

We saw reclaimed land that has to be put back exactly as it was taken from and the studies on wildlife returning and populating. It’s frustrating to see how the coal industry is bashed and, as Hillary triumphantly spouted, she was going to “Put a lot of coal mines and workers out of business.”

Of course she tried to walk it back, saying she was taken ‘out of context.” The trouble is, those were her own words, nothing to take out of context and video lives on forever.

How many people won’t be able to afford their electric bills if the “Greenies” get their way?

Who will step in to help them out? You and I both know the answer to that question.

Julie French


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