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To British farmers: ‘Good show’

By Staff | Jul 22, 2016

To the editor,

Alan Guebert, self-anointed guru on U.S. agriculture, has now expanded his expertise overseas as he comments on Britain’s recent exit from the European Union (see Farm and Food File, July 8, page 3A) which has been dubbed Brexit.

Not surprisingly, Guebert (“big” government supporter) opposed the move blaming the British farmer who voted overwhelmingly (2-1) to leave.

To be fair, he didn’t blame all farmers. Just the older ones. He wrote: “Well the oldsters won, and what they won was something they already had-yesterday-and what they lost could be something far more fleeting, tomorrow.”

I’m an oldster and, in the immortal words of the news anchor in the movie, Network: “I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take this any more.”

The EU is the epitome of political hacks, organic dupes, anti-GMO idiots, politically correct lackeys and syndicated columnists from Delavan Illinois.

The EU has cost the American farmer more than any other single event in our history because of its opposition to GMOs and extremely restricted trade policies.

A Bronx cheer to Guebert and a “good show” to you British lads and lasses.

Jerry Crew


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