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New farmer network making sense of all that farm data

By Staff | Sep 2, 2016

KELBY KLEINSASSER, vice president of business development for Farmers Business Network, goes over some data with Anna Balvance and Alissa Henley, both with Farmers Business Network on Aug. 30 during the Farm Progress Show.

BOONE With millions of different places for farmers to gather data on their operations, one business is striving to make all of it easy to read, understand and find.

According to a Farmers Business Network representative at the 2016 Farm Progress Show near Boone, FBN is integrating agronomic data from any brand of precision equipment into a common analytics system to reveal insights for specific farmers and their farms.

FBN is an independent farmer-to-farmer network that has been in business for two years, said Kelby Kleinsasser, vice president of business development.

Kleinsasser said farmer-members can take advantage of a wide array of data services, whether it is on their own farm or comparing data to other farms in their area, state or within the whole network.

“We have just replicated what’s been going on at the coffee shop and put data behind it,” said Kleinsasser.

For a flat fee of $500, a producer can join FBN for a year and take advantage of the company’s seed finder, where they can find real world seed and nitrogen performance on over 1,300 varieties as well as how a particular variety performs price-wise as well.

“We offer price transparency which is something individual data sources lack in a big way,” said Kleinsasser. “We try to give farmers the factors that drive their bottom line and help them decide if that is the right product at the right price.”

As a member, FBN also offers yield benchmarking for a producer’s farm, fields, input prices and practices.

“This is a way to compare, anonymously, to your neighbors and other farmers in your county, state or within our network,” said Kleinsasser.

Other member benefits to FBN include yield potential data, mapping, unlimited and secure data cleaning, storage and processing; hourly field level weather; exclusive member events, analysis and discounts; FBN procurement and price transparency on inputs and member only rates on farmland and operating loans with FBN Finance.

Kleinsasser said FBN offers world class analytics on more than 8.5 million acres and offers accumulated data from 60 million acres.

With so many options of data available, Kleinsasser said there is something for everyone.

“Not every farmer is driven by the same appetite for data and they don’t have to be,” he said, adding FBN is user friendly for uploading and reading data.

With producers fighting to make a profit with low commodity prices, Kleinsasser said taking advantage of the information that is out there could help a producer’s bottom line.

“To be more data driven is a way to tighten your belt,” said Kleinsasser. “If you think about how to save money, there are things to be cut, but some of those that could be obvious inputs to cut might not be, so you need to use the data that is available.”

He added it is evident producers are becoming more aware of the information that is available to them.

“More and more farmers are being data driven,” said Kleinsasser.

For more information visit www.farmerbusinessnetwork.com.

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