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Get the facts on wind energy

By Staff | Oct 21, 2016

To the editor,

A group called Coalition for Rural Property Rights, primarily from Palo Alto County, has been organized to require wind companies to provide adequate distance from OPP (other peoples property).

Since the decision rests with the board of supervisors, attempts to work with supervisors to set reasonable distances, such as one-half mile from a residence, have been unsuccessful because their only consideration seems to be the increase of revenue to the county.

My purpose is to provide the facts about wind that have been hidden from us, and about which we have a right to know. Why?

Gov. Branstad and Sen. Grassley, inarguably the two most influential politicians in Iowa, are blinded by the lure of economic development here in Iowa, and refuse to acknowledge wind only survives on the backs of taxpayers.

And, since both are conservatives, we, for some unknown reason, don’t want to criticize these conservative icons despite their refusal to not only acknowledge reality, but, in fact, repeat the untrue “talking points” of the wind industry.

Grassley, when asked about wind subsidies, said the only way they would stop would “be over my dead body.”

The one big huge downright lie perpetrated by everyone in the wind industry is this oft-repeated statement “Iowa has 31.3 percent of its electricity generated by wind.”

Iowa would have 31.3 percent of its electricity from wind if all turbines in the state were operational and the wind blew 30 miles per hour 24/7.

Although it may seem like it does in NW Iowa, the reality is only 25 to 35 percent of the time, which means the actual electricity contributed by wind is less than 10 percent.

Another inescapable fact about wind (solar and cellulosic ethanol, as well) is that it will never compete in a free energy market without massive government subsidies.

And, wind proponents conveniently fail to acknowledge, all the turbines in the world will never completely shut down any presently operating electricity generating plant.

They must remain on standby because the wind doesn’t always blow and storage of excess power is not possible with today’s technology.

If that technology becomes available-wind would be competitive.

A note of warning to you landowners who, blinded by the high payments, have already sold without understanding the contract – what happens to the turbine when government subsidies are eliminated?

At some point politicians will finally realize the idiocy of wind and end this boondoggle. The smartest lawyer in the world doesn’t do much good “after the fact.” Get legal advice first.

Federal, state and local governments are “all in for wind.” Isn’t this the epitome of irony? Our government – of, by and for the people – has forgotten the people.

-Jerry Crew


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