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By Staff | Nov 4, 2016

Carl Rove was George W’s chief political strategist getting him elected twice. Trump called him an idiot, but Trump refers to everyone that disagrees with him as something like that.

I met Carl Rove once. In fact, a picture of Carl and I is on the window by my desk. Trump is wrong. Carl is very smart. In fact, he laid out the strategy for winning this election which Trump not only ignored, but employed the exact strategy that Rove said would fail.

Trump intended to pull out enough new white voters to the polls to win. Rove argued that the rhetoric needed to inflate the white vote would turn off others and inflate the diversity vote and the demographics were no longer in Trump’s favor.

Trump will win in deep red states and is running well in Iowa and Ohio which have large un-colleged white populations, but there is really no clear demographic path to victory for Trump, particularly after alienating women and bonafide Christians as demographic groups with his video comments.

Trump pitted one demographic group against another to the point where there would not appear to be enough left to outvote the many that he has offended. Trump is counting on Providence on Nov. 8.

Carl Rove declared recently that there was really no plausible path beyond a Hail Mary to victory left for Trump. Carl would not have said that if there was. He wasn’t grinding an axe against Trump. He is no fan of Hillary.

George W affectionately called Carl, “turd blossom,” which I think he meant as saying Carl would tell him what he didn’t want to hear because he needed to hear it. Donald Trump lacks a “turd blossom.”

He often appears to be in debate with his own campaign manager and running mate. Personally I like George W. Bush and the Bush family. They did not deserve the demeaning that Trump gave them. I disagreed with a lot of things that both George H and George W did, but respected them as presidents.

George H should have read his own lips and not raised taxes and he should have had Gen. Schwarzkopf turn the armored divisions in Kuwait north moving slowly toward Bagdad. Had he done so, Saddam Hussein would not have survived the first Iraq war to be a problem for George W.

The invasion of Iraq was a great historical strategic mistake. In that process forces were pulled from Afghanistan that allowed the Taliban to resurge. Both president Bushes were poor strategists, but they were not bad men. They did what they thought was right.

They always had the good of the country in mind and heart. After George W was re-elected I referred to him once on-air as George W and was blasted for lack of respect. Everyone refers to him as George W, even on his bumper stickers.

It was not meant with any disrespect and the response was an over-reaction. However, I have noted that the same people who were sensitive to what they perceived as the lack of respect shown toward George W, display reprehensible conduct toward President Obama. That is the tribe-before-country poking out again. It is why the country has become impossible to govern. It needs to end.

I know that it is hard for those who think that we are “losing the country” to accept that this is the country as it is going to be, and allow it to be governed. So those who are disgruntled can get out there and vote one more time for the country that you want, but if it turns out different and they elect Madam President, hopefully we will still have Speaker Ryan to rally around.

The election needs to be followed by a mind toward governance, not ideological obstruction.

When Romney lost to Obama the GOP did an autopsy that concluded the party had to become more open to minorities and accept some expansion in what was ideologically acceptable for party inclusion – things like LGBT rights and comprehensive immigration reform.

The rank and file essentially said, “Nuts to that,” and chose to give it one more go to elect a non-inclusive President. Unless there is an election eve shakeup, it would appear that it is not going to work with Trump.

The problem is that if Trump loses, conservatives are going to blame the loss on Trump’s lack of adherence to conservative principles. The 2012 election autopsy was correct, but instead of accepting the conclusions and enlarging the tent, I fear they will hit it again next election from the conservative direction and get the same result.

I voted for Marco Rubio and would have voted for John Kasich. Heck I’d have voted for Mitt Romney. They criticize the establishment Republicans, but I believe that had the establishment Republicans picked this GOP nominee, Hillary would not be president. The way that it is, the GOP is not on any kind of demographic path that leads to the White House.

They need to stop trying to win control of the country that is in their imagination and start accepting the country as it is. Even with its flaws, it is still the best country in the world and the one in the conservative’s imagination never did exist.

They are not going to change anything running around with their hair on fire talking the country down, blowing on about rigged elections.

They will be able to make a lot more progress changing the country by being elected than by constantly being defeated.

How many autopsies do they need to have before they realize and accept that?

David Kruse is president of CommStock Investments Inc., author and producer of The CommStock Report, an ag commentary and market analysis available daily by radio and by subscription on DTN/FarmDayta and the Internet.

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