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By Staff | Dec 16, 2016

I was a big fan of the television comedy “Cheers” from back in the 1980s.

One of my favorite memories of the show was when the regulars were sitting around the bar talking what is needed for a happy life.

Their answers were typical such as lots of money or certain possessions, but Cliff simply said, “Comfortable shoes.” The joke was that since he was a mailman, of course, he needed comfortable shoes.

After I heard that, his answer stayed in my mind and I gave it more thought.

I am convinced that a person can’t be happy in life without comfortable shoes.

Think about it. What do you wear every day that once they are on, you seldom give them another thought.

Conversely, what could be more miserable than to go about your day with painful feet?

And if your feet hurt and the shoes are the problem, changing them will be one of the first things you do to get rid of the problem.

Let me take this one step further (good pun, huh?).

We have heard, “You are what you eat.” I will go so far as to say, “You are what’s on your feet.”

I will use myself as an example. My shoe of choice when I want to be comfortable is a work boot, which I will wear even on vacation.

They are sturdy and comfortable with lots of support while getting the job done, kind of like me. Just ask my wife.

After crashing to the concrete on a icy parking lot in Rochester, Minnesota a few years ago, so fast I didn’t have time to catch myself, I got a second pair of boots with grip soles to replace the smooth soled shoes I wear the rest of the year.

I call them snow tires for old people. I switched over to them after this winter’s first snowfall.

I was lucky I didn’t break something after that fall as I was fortunate enough to land squarely on my well-padded posterior. I may not be so lucky with the next fall which why I will be wearing my grips until next spring.

For dressing up, my shoes of choice were western boots. I liked how they looked and they gave both protection and support. Again, kind of like me and you can ask my wife for verification.

Then, a few years ago, my wife decided that I needed a moccasin-style shoe which she had me try on a pair and bought them at a shoe store while on vacation.

It was her idea and I wasn’t ready to give up my western boots. But, when getting ready for church, there they were on the closet floor ready to slip on instead of tugging on my western boots.

After a couple weeks of quick and easy, plus they were comfortable, they are what I put my feet in first when getting ready for church and my western boots now have a layer of dust on them.

So, when I meet someone, whether I know them or not, I usually give their footwear a quick glance to see what their tastes are and as an indication of who this person is.

You think I am being silly? Take a look at what you are wearing on your feet right now. I bet they reflect who you are.

Do they have a good shine on them and look close to new? Are they stylish?

Or are they in need of a shine with well-rounded soles and possibly been re-laced with the longer piece of the shoe lace after it broke the first time?

My shoes are in the second category.

My shoes also reflect my frugality. They have to be in shreds before I toss them.

And they will always be comfortable, right to the end. Again, just like me.

Rye is a Farm News staff writer and farmer from Hanlontown. Reach him by e-mail at crye@wctatel.net.

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