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Why no outrage, Mr. Kruse?

By Staff | Dec 16, 2016

To the editor,

I don’t know how many of you remember “The Twilight Zone?” As a reminder to those of you who have forgotten or those who’ve never heard of it, TTZ was a very good half hour program narrated by Rod Serling about ordinary everyday Americans experiencing extraordinary surreal situations or problems.

Serling would start the program by explaining the background of the individual and would conclude with “Mr. John Doe is about to enter the Twilight Zone.”

After reading the latest column by David Kruse, this program came to mind, but I don’t know if it was he or I who ventured into the TTZ. Up until this present column, David spent the better part of a year and many columns bashing President-elect Trump calling him a “loathsome, reprehensible individual without any redeeming characteristic to justify letting him anywhere near the White House in any capacity” and “everything bad he has ever accused his opponents of being!”

He has referred to Trump as a “dangerous, desperate man,” calling him “a kook,” “delusional,” “fake,” ” menace,” ” completely ignorant” and the ultimate slam “He is a jerk!” And, he referred to Trump’s platform as “magnificent hypocrisy” – a “crap sandwich!”

After his comment “Trump is the only GOP candidate sure to lose to Hillary,” what was his reaction to Trump’s win?

“There’ll be change.”

Huh? My God the Apocalypse just happened! Where’s the outrage?

There is one consolation – after eight years David finally admitted Barrack Hussein Obama’s “Hope and Change” was change with little hope.

Homosexual marriage, 10 trillion added debt, Obama Care and worsening race relations by the minute are certainly change.

Hope arrived Nov. 8 when the voters overwhelmingly rejected the past eight years.

Jerry Crew


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