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Climate change. Science, or not?

By Staff | Feb 3, 2017

To the editor,

Some times David Kruse skates really close to the thin ice by either fabricating or repeating so-called “facts” in his weekly commentary which has strayed from the original intent of ag commentary and market analysis.

For the past several years his column has centered largely on politics, and his latest, “Skeptical farmers,” is no exception.

His statement “Ninety-seven percent of climate scientists, including ISU’s Dr. Elwynn Taylor, believe that climate change is being impacted by man-made activity” is in error.

The real question was “do you believe in climate change?” without any reference to cause.

President Trump does not believe in man-made climate change which, according to Kruse, is a “BS opinion.”

Kruse continues ” … this is the same president that does not believe 17 national security agencies that have confirmation that Russia interfered with our election process.”

Really? We have 17? Talk about “big government.”

I agree completely with true science. David and I agree 100 percent on GMOs and the science allowing us to increase production of food to feed the world’s rapidly increasing population. He, however, ridicules the huge majority of farmers because we don’t buy man-made climate change as science.

Maybe, just maybe, man-made climate change is not science.

The so-called science of climate change is simply this: man’s use of fossil fuels increases the CO 2 levels in the atmosphere which allows less heat to escape causing a “greenhouse effect” which keeps us warmer.

Only warmer. What happened to the term “global warming?” From 1997-2014, world-wide temperatures, on average, did not rise for 18 years which is counter to the “science” that GE increases temperature.

Why? The gases kept rising with ever-increasing use of fossil fuels, but not the temperature.

Is it possible the GE theory is in error? I have a greenhouse for starting tomato and pepper plants. If it didn’t keep the temperature warmer and if it wasn’t self-made, I would sue the manufacturer.

Rather than question the “science,” the self-proclaimed “climate scientists” merely changed the name.

If you’re in agriculture and are truly concerned with climate change, the first thing you’d do is discontinue tillage and the second is plant cover crops – not pattern tile your fields.

Jerry Crew


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